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UEFA Champions League Results: Villarreal 3-0 Against Odense

Written by Gaby Varji   
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 19:19

UEFA Champions League BettingThe magic of Giuseppe Rossi, author of a crucial goals in the evolution of a playoff that was more complicated than expected, it was enough to ensure that the music of Champions betting reverts to ringing at El Madrigal.

Was not easy 'Submarine', which went from revolutions in the first part full of inaccuracies. It seemed that Juan Carlos Garrido sought a second goal before the first and so it is very difficult, much as the opponent is light years ahead in the technical aspect.

At Odense his Spartan discipline was enough defensively to get out of a first 45 minutes that left only news tasteful yellow ball. And that exit from the Spanish side runaway painted a scenario quite different.

Up to ten shots in the first half hour, but only compromised the integrity of Rossi's goal well defended by Wessels.

Of course, Senna will have the honor of having begun the 'bombing' yellow but with a powerful shot from the edge centered in the area that deflected for a corner Germanic goal.

As mentioned, it was Rossi who best understood the dynamics of the game, finding places where the rest only saw legs Danish. Thus came the first shot, off a corner test, which was lost near the bar.

His second warning, a diagonal shot, was serving a replica boots Nilmar a less participatory than at other times, but neither Brazilian nor Borja Valero, who also tried his luck with a tight shot to right off the bat strain Wessels diverted to corner, could do the work that history reserved for Rossi.

The Italian brushed it 1-0 with a shot from close range just before the break, but Wessels took a prodigious hand to deflect a corner kick for the umpteenth time, so all the work was for the second act.

A thrilling second half in which the 'Submarine' shot of class and caste to turn the tie. Camuñas ran into the crossbar a minute before Rossi hunt in the small area a pass from death to establish the 1-0 Nilmar and, incidentally, equal forces.

The Odense both woke up, they peered shyly and put on the spot, the first and last time in the match, Diego Lopez. Auction Kadrii that Lugo caught smugly, as befits a goalkeeper of his class.

The 2-0 came midway through the half seconds. Rosca de Cani and final volley of Rossi. Having one of the best strikers in Europe is what we have.

The party chose both permanently and put a stone in your neck of the Danish players, who knew they were eliminated. Only this can explain the absurd Kadrii entry which meant his second yellow and subsequent expulsion.

The subsequent red Borja Valero, a header that struck in the chest with an opponent after a kick out of it, just altered the script written by Rossi, especially when very little had to wait to see the final 3-0 in an innocent shot Wessels Marchena is 'swallowed' without remission.

Marco Ruben forgave 4-0 in a dogfight for 93 minutes, but then El Madrigal was a party and it mattered little: the coveted Champions, and rain million, called for the third time at the gates of the small town Castellon.

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