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The Doors Remains Open for Ronaldinho and Ronaldo

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Sunday, 21 June 2009 20:29
Ronaldinho and Ronaldo

The Brazilian team has not closed its doors to the stars Ronaldinho of Milan, and Ronaldo, now the Corinthians, who still have a chance to compete in the World 2010 South Africa, said in an interview with dpa the technical assistant coach Carlos Dunga, the lateral ex Jorginho.

"The door remains open for them, it just depends on them. They should react, if they want to have a chance in the national team," said Jorge Amorim de Oliveira Campos, who was co-Dunga of Brazil in the team that won the "tetracampeonato "at the World United States 1994.

Jorginho made it clear that Dunga remains hopeful to have again in your list Ronaldinho, although it excluded from the list of 23 invited to perform at the matches against Uruguay and Paraguay in the South American qualifying for the 2010 World Cup and Confederations that South Africa is currently in dispute.

"Everyone knows that Ronaldinho is a wonderful player, but he has to demostralo," he said, also confirming the position expressed last May for his "boss" Dunga, who said that Ronaldinho still not abandoned.

"We try to the limit, until the end, to the extent possible. It is a different player, but is going through a time that is not good. We hope that in the next year, he found more space in Milan."

The "bad time" for Ronaldinho's career began at the end of its season in Barcelona and became pronounced after his transfer to Milan. In the last season, the top star of Brazil in World Cup 2006, acted in 29 matches in the Italian League -13 of which began in the substitutes' bench and scored only eight goals.

For the UEFA Cup, the Brazilian was in six of the matches for Milan, but only two of whom the team owner and does not initially set goals.

Ronaldo, in turn, seek to recover their best level since March, when he returned to the athletic playing for Corinthians in Brazil after an absence of over a year, following a serious operation on his right knee.

Although it still looks more kilos which recently faced a "drought" Goal strike following a cold and an injured ankle, scored eleven goals so far in 19 games for his new club, only twelve served during the 90 minutes.

The coveted number nine shirt from Brazil now boasts the Seville centrodelantero of Luis Fabiano, who scored 17 targets in 30 games for his Spanish club in the last season and has 12 goals in 16 times when he played for Brazil since Dunga took over the command of "verdeamarela" in August 2006.

However, Dunga and Jorginho assert that the group will take Brazil to the World South Africa 2010 is not yet closed and that there are still hopes for "Ronaldo" and for other candidates to seek the "hexacampeonato" next year .

"We are always, always, with all players likely to be in the selection," Jorginho said to dpa.

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