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Soccer Odds: Barcelona defeated 3- 0 Spartak Moscow

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 23:44

Barcelona defeated 3- 0 Spartak MoscowBarcelona qualified for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League by defeating with ease (3-0) at Spartak Moscow, with a double from Leo Messi.

In addition to the result, that makes you forget the unexpected defeat against Celtic, Messi enlarging his legend continued to get even closer to the record for goals in a year he has held since 1972 the German Gerd "Torpedo" Müller with 85 points.

Messi now totals 80, so that missing only five goals and nine official games in 2012 to meet the Teutonic footballer figure.

The resistance of the Spanish Spartak Unai Emery, who gave him the handle into Spanish José Manuel Jurado and made the 'boldness' of starting out with two strikers, which lasted only took the club to score the first goal.


Spanish team coach, Tito Vilanova, opted for the first time in the Champions League to start by putting "Shorties troika"-Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc-reappeared accompanied by Busquets, who returned from suspension.

Meanwhile, the great captain, Puyol, stayed on the bench, like Villa, in a game played on an artificial turf and a temperature was around zero degrees and was bearable for Barca players.

The setting was superb, as the Luzhniki Olympic Stadium presented the best entry (more than 70,000 spectators) from the first final of the English history of the tournament played in 2008 between Manchester United and Chelsea Cristiano Ronaldo, who won the first Russian roulette in the prisons.

In the first minutes the Russians took to biting and conducted several raids with some danger, but failed to annoy Valdés.

But Pedrito had on his feet the first goal of the game to get into the large area measured Xavi pass, but his shot was saved by goalkeeper nimbly local Dykan (M.12).

At fifteen minutes Messi appeared hitherto well-controlled local defense, which plunged into the heart of the area and he was about to shoot, the ball was cleared by the defense in extremis.

The rejection was used by Alves to score from outside the box is the first goal of the game with a hard shot, satin and hit the right post before which nothing could do Dykan. (M.16).

After a few minutes stunned by the goal, Spartak did not give up and continued to attack and so the Czech defender Suhi, accompanying an attacking move, missed an excellent opportunity to shoot out when he was alone in the area.

It had reached the half hour and the Barcelona closed the match with a new goal ... Messi (m.27).

It was a counterattack led by Iniesta, whose shot was cleared in a big save by Dykan new, but the rejection was used by the Argentine star to score the second goal.

That was the end of the local opposition, whose coach, who could not overcome their bad run against Barcelona, which has not won in his entire coaching career, undaunted in the band attended a football lesson rival.

Barca could increase the count in a controversial move that Pedro was brought down in the area by Dykan, but the referee opted to caution the player allegedly simulate visitor.

Messi closed the first half superiority of being alone with the keeper, gambetearlo like I was in the backyard and mark with the empty (M.39) after a superb pass from Pedro.

While the Russian hobby kept encouraging, the feeling was that if the Spanish team pressed the accelerator could make a bag of goals, such was the impotence of Spartak.

The rest of the match was a will and no power of Spartak, while Barca was dedicated to what he does best: playing and dose.

The only unknown in the second half was whether Messi would mark a hat trick and lead the ball home as a gift for his newborn son, and faith that he tried, but no luck.

The Barça's next betting match will be a mere formality, as craved Vilanova, whose team looks poised to close the year as the undisputed leader in Spain and Europe.

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