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Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad Betting

Written by Matt Stevens   
Saturday, 05 January 2013 20:58

Primera Division match Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad Betting OddsThe last game of 2012 raised the level of tension within the Real Madrid to unhealthy levels for the institution and the team. The controversial decision to downgrade the captain Iker Casillas, was the pinnacle of the pulse that Jose Mourinho has with some of the staff and management.

Dismounted in the League after the defeat in Malaga, the return of normal oxygenation and a breathable atmosphere are the main objectives of a club that plays to the single letter of the Champions League in February horizon. The match against Real Sociedad is framed as the first of a series of compromises that inevitably will lead to the tie against Manchester United.

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Everything in the game against Real Sociedad revolves around who will occupy the white goal. If Mourinho decides to continue the substitution of Casillas and Adam returns to promote, will be exposed to an uncertain fate plebiscite for the manager. More derailed the team before the neatness of Barcelona and given the anxiety that plagues the campus since the start of the season.


The complex decision of the goal, with social and sports prisms, is coupled to the defensive problems. In the last three league matches, Real Madrid have conceded seven goals. With Sergio Ramos and Pepe suspended about a month low by ankle injury, Mourinho will be forced to form a pair of shock. In addition, the indiscipline of Coentrao, who arrived late to training, multiplies the problems behind. With Varane presumably safe, the manager will have to choose between Albiol and Carvalho, two come to less meritorious. The selection of the second center also presents the dichotomy between the Spanish and Portuguese clan. Given Mourinho's management, it is difficult to separate these things.

In the land offensive, the Madrid celebrates the return of Higuain on the sidelines since November 6. During the absence, Benzema has scored only four goals and was noted implicitly by Mourinho, always jealous of the French ascetic attitude after his injury in Vigo.

From this it would distance the Real Madrid. Before the untimely events that precipitated the end of the year, Madrid has offered an institutional response. Casillas, Ronaldo, Ramos and Arbeloa have passed through the press room during this week in a deliberate attempt to naturalize and normalize relations with the press team. In a consensus decision pyramidal, the manager finally agreed to lift the jaw to the locker room. The first New Year's resolution is to reduce the escalating tension that has led to many unpleasant situations and a chaotic environment and self-destructive. The Madrid wants to send football. He still has plenty of arguments to only talk about it. It continues to be a phenomenal team.

Real Madrid Real Sociedad
Win 8 3
Loss 3 8
Draw 2 2
Ø Goals per Match 2 1.3
League Table 3. 8.
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