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Mesut Özil about Real Madrid vs. Manchester United Game

Written by Gaby Varji   
Sunday, 03 March 2013 23:29

Real Madrid vs. Man United PredictionsMesut Ozil, Real Madrid's German footballer, gave an extensive interview to the newspaper Die Welt, of his native country, which has throbbed the Champions League game on Tuesday against the whites will face United at Old Trafford, and assured that "who can win in Barcelona, ​​can win in Manchester." also referred to the Classics with Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola's arrival at Bayern Munich and his personal moment.


"I love to play every couple of days against the best of the best, is a great thing. Everybody is watching. Especially greatly motivates me to play against Barcelona. The Classic has a huge impact haberles removed from the Cup is sensational. "

Has played six games against Barcelona


"Of course it is still special to face them. Barcelona is the current reference and we showed we can play against them from power to power. We have won the Super Cup and the Cup We removed proud. Only in the League, Unfortunately, we have fallen short. "


Goodbye to La Liga?

"Admittedly, the club has been outstanding in the league. Was an important title for us because in Madrid titles are required. So our goal now is to win the Cup and the Champions League. In the league, Barcelona has all possibilities, but we still have goals grands.'s season can still be a great success. A player should not ever be up early. "

The rematch at OLD TRAFFORD

"It will be a tough game against a very good team, but we showed in the first leg of what we are capable. Went clearly better in the first half, with plenty of chances. We have great respect for Manchester, but our goal is play like we can and we can beat anyone. Whoever can win in Barcelona can win in Manchester ".

Jose Mourinho ON

"I am fit, happy to play every week, I have fun on the court. That's because coach trusts me and he would appreciate my good performance. The media writes a lot about his relationship with the costumes, but I just I can say that my relationship with Mourinho is really good. supports me and, for me, is one of the best coaches in the world, if not the best. "

ANTI-GROUP? Mourinho in the locker room?

"That's rubbish.'re A team and if we were not together we would not have won in Barcelona. Everyone is friendly to each other, we are like a small family. I never said I would go if Mourinho still, that's a nonsense ".

PEP and Bayern

"In Madrid we have not talked about it, in the selection, yes.'s One of the best coaches in the world and has won many titles with Barcelona amazing. Now is determined to do even better at Bayern. But I do not know him personally I have never spoken to him, so I can not judge him as a person. "

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