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Javier Mascherano from the Liverpool, "is priceless," says Rafael Benítez

Written by Matt Stevens   
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 22:38
Javier Mascherano

The Spanish Rafael Benitez, the Liverpool coach, team of the English Premier League, said Wednesday on the website of the entity that the British player Argentine Javier Mascherano, whose interest in signing the Barcelona, "is priceless."

"Mascherano is priceless," said Benitez. "The Barcelona could not reach its value to Liverpool. We do not want to sell and Javier is happy here," he added.

"I've talked to Javier two or three times this summer, the last time last week and is very happy," continued technical Spanish. Mascherano he "gave the private number of his agent, Walter Tamer, and the conversation was very positive and always tried to soccer," said the coach.

The British press recently quoted Tamer saying that the team captain of Argentina's football team, regarded by many as the best defense in the world, be proud that the Barcelona current European Champion, is interested in him and called his hiring Barça of "achievable".

However, the coach of English club has made it clear that Liverpool will not sell a player who considers as a key element in his system of play.

"I was surprised to see cometnarios his agent," said the Spanish in reference to appointments in the press Tamer English.

"Walter told me that two clubs with big names were interested in Mascherano and forget what I told him that Javier was happy at Liverpool and was not for sale," Benitez insisted before stress that football has a long contract with Liverpool.

"Any club can forget about bidding for him. They can provide 40 million pounds or 50. We do not want to sell." He said.

Benitez's reaction occurs after they have spread rumors about the fact that Liverpool's precarious economic situation is forcing the club to sell their most important players.

Liverpool's owners must get 350 million pounds (380 million euros) to straighten the accounts of the club before July 24.

However, the technician insisted that Spanish only consider selling players not very important for the club and that he has some capital to invest in new hires.

The English team's priorities to sign a striker and a right side, with Spanish David Silva, of Valencia, the preferred option within the first category of players.

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