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Germany vs. Denmark Odds Betting - 2012 Euro Cup

Written by Matt Stevens   
Sunday, 17 June 2012 02:01

Germany vs. Denmark Odds bettingThe "Group of Death" will have its expected conclusion this Sunday when Denmark and Germany see the faces in the arena Lviv, Ukraine in meeting B squad for Euro 2012. Join Now to Bet on this Game!

The Danes come to this commitment with a mixture of hope and satisfaction. Your ticket to the quarterfinals was complicated after suffering a painful 3-2 defeat against Portugal last week, breaking the illusion generated much surprise after the debut Holland (1-0).

Despite his difficult mission, led by Morten Olsen arrive at the last date of the group stage with real chances to qualify, even winning the group, something totally unexpected and sundry that, after the draw for this competition, Denmark saw as perfect prey helpless against its three powerful opponents.

Fleet is expected to maintain the same level albiroja for the match against the Teutons, with order and balance in all its lines, but with the disadvantage that, if achieved the feat of the classification, four of his men at risk missing the quarter-finals if they see a yellow card in this commitment: William Kvist, Simon Poulsen, Lars Jacobsen and Jakob Poulsen.

But this limitation it matters little to the Danes, who seek to eat his legendary opponent and advance to the next phase. However, the complicated situation of the group and the no less complicated tiebreakers originate the Scandinavians live an authentic Russian roulette with the Germans.

The target requires that the Danes out practically all or nothing at this meeting: a defeat automatically removes them from the competition, while a win puts them in the next round regardless of the outcome of the meeting between the other two teams in the sector will be played at the same time. A tie, a feat in itself and against the "Mannschaft" would be rewarded only if Portugal does not add up.

The truth is that the Scandinavians have to deal with the most convincing team that has shown so far, not only in its sector, but probably throughout the event.

The "Nationalelf" stands as a serious candidate for the title on the strength he has shown a template that is still far from its full potential, leads the toughest group of just six points.

The relatively short show this team has offered is not something to worry that the Teutons are used, historically, to show their true weapons in times of greatest adversity. Among all the performance of the "Mannschaft" pleasantly figure out Mario Gomez, who scored three goals stands as the bearer of Germanic arsenal.

But all is harmony in the mind of coach Joachim Loew, who for this game can not use his right wing back, Jerome Boateng, suspended after seeing the yellow card twice in the tournament. The question for such a low supply in the Teutonic strategist comes down to two possibilities: Marcel Schmelzer, Dortmund, and Benedikt Höwdes from Schalke.

With the first option, Löw send an experienced and reliable Philip Lahm on the right wing, which exploit the quality of "wild card" of this element of Bayern Munich, while Höwdes man would change regarding natural man Boateng. This is the big question that will have the Teutonic strategist who has been characterized by their reluctance to move any part of the effective back but now is forced to go against the premise given the circumstances described.

The German chances are slightly simpler than those of his rival in turn, but not without the drama that offers the "Group of Death". A win and a tie securing the Germanic leadership. Even a defeat allows Teuton advance, provided that the Lusitanian not triumph against the Netherlands. In that case, the three-time champions of Europe can only afford to lose by one goal and at least two runs collected.

Based on the above, a score of 3-2 (or more, always with a goal difference) in favor of Denmark, Scandinavians and Germans would qualify regardless of what happens in Kharkiv at the same time.

Game stats:

-Will be the third showdown between Denmark and Germany in a European Championship.

* In 1988 the Germans won 2-0 with goals from Jurgen Klinsmann and Olaf Thon.
* In the 1992 Final Danes won 2-0 with goals from Jensen and Vilfort.

-In total we have faced in 27 chances, Germany has an advantage with 15 wins in exchange for nine lost, and only tied for three times: in 1941, 1958 and 2010.

-Denmark has a streak of 20 straight games in Euro without being a player, his streak is 30 taking into account all the matches.

-Germany has 18 consecutive games scoring at least one goal.

-Mario Gomez scored in the previous two games, can become the first German to score in three consecutive games of Euro.

-Lukas Podolski will play his 100th game with the German team. Teuton will be the seventh to reach that figure.

Germany vs. Denmark betting odds:

Currently at William Hill Sportsbook Denmark is at 5/1, Draw 23/10 and Germany is 7/10 for this matchup.

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