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Copa del Rey News, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in the Semifinals

Written by Michael Gordon   
Friday, 25 January 2013 15:39

Copa del Rey Barcelona vs. Real MadridBarcelona will not miss the appointment with Real Madrid and will meet with them in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey once overcome (2-4) the ordeal that he had prepared the Malaga. With Jordi Roura on the bench and a slight advantage for the hosts after the appointment of the Camp Nou, the Catalans did not forgive his way still intact to the triplet.

The Malaga showed that seeks to find a place among the greats of football, which has removed all possible complex of a small team and began looking into the eyes clash against Barcelona. Not raised at any time hold a goalless draw and hit their opponent without hesitation.

The idea of ​​Pellegrini had to save the first hurdle in the eighth minute. Kameni was barely involved in the crash and had taken a mesh ball after a shot from Pedro. Xavi took the drawing pen to put a perfect through ball for Alves, who attended the canary and put the tie in favor of the Catalans again.


Barca the advantage did not last long. While 22 players struggled to maintain balance on the lawn of the Rose Garden, Joaquin was planted in the area and shoot Piqué imposed ceiling near the base of the post. Pinto soon discarded and end malaguista again gave his own advantage.

Players from both teams had trouble balancing on the lawn
With the score tables, discussed the Málaga ball to Barcelona soon put into gear. No start pushed the ball out of his opponent and was very permissive in defense.

Thus, the shock became an exchange of blows like a boxing match is involved. Messi ran into Kameni in a dogfight, Santa Cruz topped out in the area and Iniesta Barça ran into the crossbar after a wall with 'The Flea'. Rifles were high and only ended with the shooting rest.

The second act started the same way as the original. Four minutes Iniesta lifted his head from the left, put his hands on his boot and threw the ball over the heart of the local area. Weligton miscalculated and let Piqué controlled with his chest and finish off with the left as if it were a pure striker. No pulse trembled defender to dedicate his first goal for Milan.

When it seemed that Barcelona had controlled shock, marking the time and playing in the rival camp, the lack of Málaga advantage of the rear contuencia visitor. Seba galloped to the left four defenders, the ball came to Roque Santa Cruz, who joined the attack from the right and from inside the box, the Paraguayan crossed leather that will slip in the back of the net after playing in the stick. Pinto stretch again later and Malaga got stuck in the clash with Cesc on the floor by a stomp of Weligton jellyfish in the area.

Far from being touched by the tie and the possibility to get the extension, Barcelona did not change a single detail of his script. Iniesta, Cesc, Xavi and Messi wove a network in the field three quarters thanks to quick ball movement. They moved the round as if it were a rondo and at the right time, beat his opponent mercilessly. Iniesta Cesc sought wall in the center of attack, Demichelis rushed to cut out and having received no opposition, the manchego no mistake in closely with Kameni.

The third goal almost sentenced leave the tie, Malaga had put its arsenal and ended up giving it to a rival will gradually gaining ground until finally, you will bend and judgment. Messi still had time to finish off center Alves goal from the right and see the last part of the match from the bench.

The Sun Coast failed to maintain the early pace until the last minute and after seeing the wound may be higher, leaving free passage for Barcelona already has a date with Real Madrid.

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