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Copa America Betting: Peru vs. Venezuela Odds

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 23 July 2011 07:16

Peru vs. Venezuela Odds and PicksIf this Copa America happens to history, will not be deployed for football teams that have participated in it, but the surprises that the selections did not set out as favorites have been in store in the future of the competition. Venezuela, so far considered as the "Cinderella" of football betting, and Peru played on Saturday, the consolation final to determine the third and fourth. Bettors by a small margin, believe that Venezuela is a favorite.

Peru was eliminated by Uruguay in the second semifinal, 2-0, Venezuela, meanwhile, could not handle the tough choice of Paraguay in the penalty shoot-out which came after dominating the entire game, with three poles and finials a goal disallowed.

The history of clashes between these teams indicates a clear superiority in Peru. Of the 26 matches played between them, 17 were wins Peruvian 6 wins the "burgundy" and three draws. One thing to consider is the growth evident in recent years, Venezuelan football, with experienced players and swaddled in leagues first European order, so the history can be considered misleading.

Peru coach Sergio Markarian has announced changes to the team that aims to admit players who have played less minutes over the competition. In any case, Peru will continue to display an ordered and disciplined team, hardened and solidarity.

The selection of Venezuela, meanwhile, has already served arriving for the first time in its history, the semifinals of the Copa America. In principle, bettors quantify the chances of victory of the "burgundy" in 38%, five percentage points higher than its rival. Something to the Venezuelan stand is in its competitive zeal. During the tournament have managed to overcome incredible results, as against Paraguay, which he drew 3, after recovering two goals down in 5 minutes.

It is customary to repeat Venezuela team. CONMEBOL decided not to penalize any member of the team after the incidents at the end of the shootout against Paraguay.

Peru vs. Venezuela Betting Analysis
1: 2.90 (33%) | 2: 3.22 (29%) | 3: 2.50 (38%)

Peru vs. Venezuela Odds
1. 1-1 6.33
2. 0-1 7.14
3. 1-0 7.99
4. 0-0 8.73

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