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Champions League the Main Objective of Real Madrid

Written by Matt Stevens   
Monday, 11 February 2013 22:42

Real Madrid vs. Manchester United Betting PreviewThe Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Real Madrid has set as its main objective the achievement of this season's Champions League.

The two teams will meet on Wednesday night at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the knockout stages.

Since whites are 16 points behind league leaders, FC Barcelona, ​​Ferguson senses that Mourinho's men will go by before all the current leaders of the Premier.

"I think their goal is the European Cup," Ferguson told the club's official website. "They had a bad start in the league and have since been chasing the tail of Barcelona, ​​whose form has been incredible. I think Jose has set a firm objetico the European Cup, I have no doubt about it.

"That may hinder us things, but it also adds pressure to them.

We are currently involved in three things. Jose still has the semi-final of Copa del Rey against Barcelona next week, and then again before our league clash at Old Trafford. This means that they also have a busy schedule.


"It has always been an important competition for them, the European Cup, and I think that pressure affects Jose and I think has done a great job on it.

"He has built a terrific team player and could play with two different teams, like us. Affects you do not think, but you never know in football.

"I think there Secrecy as to his personal desire to win the European Cup, because, do not forget, was to become the only person to win it with three different teams, so it's a great challenge for Jose."

Much has been made of Mourinho as a possible replacement for Ferguson at Old Trafford after his retirement, and Scot, 71, is eager to face his Portuguese counterpart.

"I think he will use all his wits against me," he continued. "I think it is a great challenge - the two biggest clubs in the world, and obvimente is a great game for us."

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