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Champions League Betting: Real Madrid vs. Manchester United Preview

Written by Gaby Varji   
Monday, 11 February 2013 23:40

Real Madrid vs. Manchester United PreviewThe Bernabeu will be the 12th player against Manchester United this Wednesday. Players Know That Their public support will be key to getting a good result and want the White Coliseum has the atmosphere of the great European days.

"When there are few fields pushes worldwide at its height Bernabeu, we want to Bernabéu elated and excited, That it is Transmitted to the players, to take us on wings". Words That They are white captain will be on Wednesday, Sergio Ramos, after the match against Sevilla. Also Pepe spoke after the game and expect a party "special for Real Madrid and for the fans."

The club wants to create big party atmosphere and transmit to the stands The Importance of the shock and the need to fill a Bernabeu That intimidates the opponent and take the edge of the white morality. Butragueño's speech was similar, called on the fans to the stadium is a pressure cooker.



"It's a critical juncture and we need to push us Bernabéu for the victory. The team will give him the maximum. I think it will be a spectacular night of football. 'S A crucial day for the team, for the club and for the fans. vital That players will feel the breath of the Bernabeu "said the Vulture.

And it Seems that the wishes of the staff and the club will be brilliant. The Bernabéu is preparing for his first full season total. While it is true That in the first leg against Barcelona Cup, the country Introduced to full, Were selling tickets Until the day of the party.

This time, entries, ranging Between 70 and 235 euros, sold out several days before the game. However, you can still buy Those locations via Internet .

The visit of Manchester United is the biggest game of the season for Real Madrid and the fans know it. The Coliseum will be full at Madrid to create an atmosphere of pressure and communion with His team. The Bernabeu is a stadium used to first-class matches and this is one of them.

Players have Repeatedly Stated That Their main goal is the Tenth. That the fans yearn for more than That 10 years. The first step to get through the game on Wednesday. Footballers and swollen and know why seek each other and are cited in the Bernabeu. On Wednesday, shortly before 2045, will be the moment of truth. Players will leave the tunnel and the stands will get the first goal of the tie.

  • My Pick : Manchester United to score
  • Odds : 1.50
  • Stake : 10 / 10
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