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Carlo Ancelotti Opens a New Era at Chelsea

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 20:47

New Era at Chelsea - BSN SportsUnstable after two seasons and four coaches, the arrival of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti opens a new era at Chelsea, where it is expected that former technical Milan take you to the top of both England and Europe.

Maybe the summer is not what the Chelsea fans were expecting. There was no great expense or great names came, which surprised the billionaire Roman Abramovich's reign but a year ago the club was also discreet.

But as a season ago, the 'Blues' welcoming a new coach.

Luiz Felipe Scolari to Carlo Ancelotti, the contrast could not be higher. Between the slapstick Brazilian rigorous English and basic Italian, a master tactician who mastered the language of Shakespeare, Chelsea has changed dimension.

Scolari was world champion with Brazil, but had not coached a club for several decades. Ancelotti arrives with a title of champion of Italy, two Champions Leagues and one Intercontinental Cup in his pocket.

Thus, the probability of failure seems lower with English football but Ancelotti usually reserved bitter surprises.

And, plan on Ancelotti's shadow Guus Hiddink, the Dutch magician who put the club on track last season. "I do not think the ghost of Guus and not harass me," said the Italian. But even before the season started, there is no shortage of comparisons.

Despite his achievements, the followers of Chelsea are looking to see what it can do, but you have received with open arms. Undoubtedly Hiddink would have preferred to continue with Abramovich but he did not share his opinion.

Is the strict Italian adapt to the Premier League? Many not. The first contact with the players was positive: they liked her speech and the fact that it fails to give orders, but will take time to listen.

Despite the money available, Ancelotti has fled from the radical changes tending towards a quiet revolution.

Would have liked to have Franck Ribéry and Andrea Pirlo but could not, so they will fix what you have. It adapts well to the system of diamond-shaped Hiddink on Frank Lampard and his two points, Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba, who are already in good shape.

The Community Shield on Sunday, despite victory at Manchester United (4-1 on penalties 2-2 after regulation time), it became obvious that there are still many adjustments to make.

But there is no doubt that Chelsea will be the main threat to Manchester United. If Hiddink had been on the bench all last season, could have put the champion in trouble, but for some players who think this season more than ever, the assumptions are small.

The group has not changed and have joined the talented Russian Yuri Zhirkov and promising English Daniel Sturridge.

In terms of power and mental strength, the 'Blues' are unrivaled. As for talent, they are very close to Manchester United. So if Ancelotti does the experience, it could be their season.

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