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Brazil to be the 2010 World Cup Champion?

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Thursday, 17 June 2010 20:50

2010 World Cup betting newsPresident Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Thursday that Brazil is ready to be the champion of the World Cup in South Africa.

Coach Dunga was the target of harsh criticism in the press after he barely won the weak North Korea 2-1 on Tuesday in his first game.

Brazil is to be champion, I think Dunga is aligning those he believes are playing better, said Lula told reporters after participating with officials, businessmen and academics in the Council of Economic and Social Development in Brasilia.

Lula complained about the harshness with which the selection was treated after the match, saying that we sometimes are very demanding of ourselves.

The Brazilian team played well the second time, ran well. There are players that are just entering, as Kaka and Luis Fabiano, who still failed to score a goal, he added.

Kaka and Luis Fabiano joined the Brazilian combo long after leaving injuries that had sidelined and were not so fully in the match against North Korea.

Brazil reached the World Cup odds with the lineup of favorites to be champion, but the actions of its archrival Argentina left the impression among sports analysts that the target of Diego Maradona are best placed to win. Lula seemed to disagree.

See Argentina today (Thursday), the first goal was an own goal, the second was a goalkeeper error. The other two did not see them, Lula said on the party that trounced Argentina 4-1 to South Korea.

Lula was also consulted on the decision of FIFA to rule the Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo, to host 2014 World Cup betting in Brazil.

In this regard, said that Sao Paulo can not be dismissed as just because the world headquarters Morumbi not qualify for the tournament.

Sao Paulo is the most important state from the economic point of view of Brazilian football, it is impossible to believe that a stadium because we will not have World Sao Paulo, Lula said.

The largest and most affluent city in Brazil sought to organize the World Cup opening in the Morumbi, but FIFA rejected plans for modernization of the premises to suit the demands of the tournament, virtually ruled out to Sao Paulo to host the opening of 2014 tournament.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 17 June 2010 22:54
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