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Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Copa del Rey Odds and Predictions

Written by Michael Gordon   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:14

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid PredictionsThe first of two classics that we enjoy this week, start with Barcelona as the clear favorite in the betting to win the second leg and to qualify for the final of the Copa del Rey. If Real Madrid players make bad predictions, bettors receive € 4.77 for the victory in the match or 3.40 for the ticket to the final.

The correct final score 2-0 cheaper the local pro to € 8.50 for every dollar spent. It is followed by 1-0 and 2-0 € 12.00 each. In regard to friendly markers Madrid, bettors believe that 1-2 is the most likely (€ 15.00), followed by the 0-1 and 0-2 to 19.00 and € 29.00 respectively.

Predictions: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid (26/01 22:00)
1: FC BARCELONA 1.66 | DRAW: 4.06 | 2: REAL MADRID 4.77



1: FCB drew 1-1 2-0 8.50 1-2 9.50 RM 15.00
2: FCB 1-0 Draw 2-2 12.00 0-1 13.00 RM 19.00
3: FCB 0-0 draw 2-0 12.00 0-2 19.00 RM 29.00

Mourinho spoke the day before the game. It's news. It may be a good sign for Real Madrid the coach is looking forward and get your message in the hours before the Classic. So he saw: "The atmosphere is normal. We like to play this game. Everyone wants to play. Prefer games this size and difficulty parties without tension’s. Why we're ready to play. Want to get faster and the game against Barcelona and Manchester. "
He acknowledged he has not decided the elect of the Camp Nou: "I do not know the eleven. Not that I want to say."

Quipped with words of Jordi Roura on statements that he doubts the referee for tomorrow: "I'd rather stay with the lessons we have received in the past from Barcelona. Lessons of sportsmanship, not to push the referee, not surround, not simulate cards for the opponents and obviously how to play football, they do very well. "

Believes that Barcelona will not affect the defeat in Milan and in tomorrow's game there is no choice: "I think there are moments when they play big teams. This match has nothing to do with the previous games. Separation time is later. No relation. Should be trying to play my best and that's it. Nothing more. "

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