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2010 World Cup Betting Odds Futures

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Saturday, 01 May 2010 00:10

World Cup Betting OddsMissing almost 38 days before the start of the World Cup odds organizing committee head Danny Jordaan was in New York this week to promote the benefits of making a strong investment and mounted a full day on a plane to travel to South Africa.

According to recent estimates from FIFA about 40 of the 64 games
soccer beting are guaranteed sellout label.

Between 120,000 and 140,000 tickets sold are missing. There are no more tickets available for the final and both semi-finals.

The great fear of the organizers is that images are projected into the world of empty seats in some low-profile games, such as Algeria, Slovenia in Polokwane.

Perhaps it's no surprise that Jordaan be given a tour of the United States, after all the foreign country that has acquired more tickets for the World Cup betting starts on 11 June.

It is remarkable that 160,000 tickets have been bought by Americans. In contrast, the number of entries that have been acquired in the host country public sale centers round 120,000.

Here are the odds at to win the 2010 World Cup

Brazil +450
Spain +450
England +550
Argentina +900
Germany +1100
Italy +1200
Holland +1200
France +1400
Ivory Coast +2500
Portugal +2500
Chile +4000
Paraguay +5000
Serbia +5000
Ghana +6600
Denmark +8000
Mexico +8000
Uruguay +10000
Greece +10000
Cameroon +10000
Australia +10000
Nigeria +10000
USA +10000
South Africa +12500
Switzerland +15000
Japan +20000
Slovenia +20000
Slovakia +20000
South Korea +20000
Algeria +40000
Honduras +50000
North Korea +75000
New Zealand +100000

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