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UFC on FOX 6 Main Card Analysis and Predictions

Written by Matt Stevens   
Friday, 25 January 2013 20:36

UFC on FOX 6 On January 26 we will have the sixth installment of UFC on Fox will be at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois where he will contest the flyweight belt, next to a big fight for the featherweight division, the possible withdrawal of the organization Rampage Jackson legend and a future top contender in the lightweight division.

Main Card:

Featherweight: Erik Koch vs. Ricardo Lamas:

Jose Aldo Jr, the featherweight champion faces a big challenge, Frankie Edgar, but after this fight, whoever comes out winner, is likely to be faced by who emerges victorious in this fight Erik Koch and Ricardo Lamas , both in the ranking as the best featherweight Sherdog, Lamas ranks fourth and eighth Koch.


For Koch this would be his third fight in the UFC octagon, but in MMA, comes with a run of four straight wins. Their last win over Jonathan Brookins, demonstrated a striking scene, a bit of trouble against the fence but it was a solid fight. Koch is a solid fighter and very technical, one loss on his record and 7 submissions achieved. But due to injuries as both opponents, Koch has more than a year without fighting, this could affect some performance, especially against a fighter like Ricardo Lamas, a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu Daniel Valverde and honors Division III NCAA Wrestling. Lamas has only two losses on his record and also comes with a winning streak. Lamas is a fighter who tends to control the fight enough to take the decision whether to distance. and between fists and submissions, the record shows that it is a complete fighter.

Lightweight: Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis:

These fighters are not unfamiliar to any fan of MMA. Probably the winner of this battle is mounted as top contender and seek a belt fight Benson Henderson.

Many remember Pettis for his famous "Showtime kick" where, using the fence, landed a flying kick to Benson Henderson over there by 2010. and Cerrone, who was champion of Muay Thai in the United States, has been honored for Fight of the night, knockout of the night and submission of the night on several occasions. For those responsible for arranging the UFC fights. This was a necessary fight.

Donald Cerrone is coming off a stunning KO against Melvin Guillard with a high kick that took the KO of the night and his record, takes 13 submissions that have given the victory. More real than this, impossible. Curiously Pettis also coming off a victory that took the KO of the night, also with high kick. Trained by the legendary Duke Roufus, this should not surprise us. This fight has a chance to finish fast or go away but both fighters give 100% and will not be an easy fight. Cerrone has an incredible record and no losses in Kickboxing and Pettis has a black belt 3rd Dan in Taekwondo. The striking will be very interesting in this battle and as I said before, the winner will be mounted as a possible challenge to the champion Benson Henderson.

Light Heavyweight: Quinton Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira:

Both fighters come to the cage with great reasons to win this fight. Rampage Jackson because possibly be his last fight in the UFC and Teixeira because this battle would put it a step closer to get a title fight.

No doubt Jackson has always been a very good striker, a fighter with a lot of power. But time is not the same here Rampage of the golden age. and that is something that, unfortunately, you have to admit. Rampage has not won a fight by knockout since 2008 when he defeated Wanderlei Silva and his last victory against Matt Hamill in 2011 and was a close decision. Rampage dominated the fight but I can not sleep at Hamill. Rampage's contract ends with this fight and we have not seen a more impressive end of four years, to this is added the amount of problems with Dana White, the president of the UFC and leaves an image relatively clear Jackson's whereabouts over the organization. Sure, we can not underestimate the power of Rampage, a great striker with good drive and 14 KO on his record of 42 fights, a true legend of the sport.

Teixeira is an amazing fighter, when measured against Maldonado, who was a professional boxer, the striking of Glover was more effective and technical, which left us all impressed and if you add to this that has a black belt in BJJ and last Once that was defeated was in 2005, is obviously a very dangerous opponent for Rampage. Many say it is not a good match for Jackson's last fight, the opponent had to be Shogun Rua, but I think is a pretty good fight both fighters square and have a lot to prove. The work will be hard for both standing and floor work will be quite interesting with a black belt in jiu jitsu and a fighter like jackson it's quite difficult to submit.

Flyweight: Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson:

The headliner of the night by the belt of flyweights. Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson will, without doubt, the fastest fights to see inside the octagon.

There are many MMA fans who criticize the weights low and did not have a lot of respect, but I think with battles and how are you a bit of time, people will start to grab more fond of these divisions when they begin to see that they are complete fighters in all aspects of the weight so low, have the chance to prove it without fear. The striking, speed, wrestling and floor work, makes it a fight too exciting.

The champion, Demetrious Johnson, has only two losses in a record 19 fights and has been a very dominant wrestler from scratch. When he lost to Dominick Cruz and decided to move to flyweight, was of the best decisions I could have made. It has all the necessary speed, a stunning fight work and very dominant striking someone is difficult to remove the belt. Johnson is characterized by speed and constant movement in the Octagon, which makes it difficult for any opponent to connect and striking, although both are very powerful, I give it to the champion.

The work takes advantage of floor champion, with six submissions on his record Dodson unlike that could only refer to two opponents and his last submission was in 2007. Nor should we pretend that Dodson will not be a difficult opponent. Unlike other opponents of Johnson in division (Ian McCall and Joe Benavidez) Dodson is a fighter who is much more prepared, having an incredible wrestling and has a speed that could complicate things for the champion. Dodson tends to go to decision and in this fight, that's not an option, unless it is as dominant as it was Cain Velasquez with Dos Santos in the rematch, the decision almost always goes to the champion. So Dodson should end the fight quickly.

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