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UFC Odds: Junior Dos Santos not afraid of Wladimir Klitschko

Written by Matt Stevens   
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 06:05

UFC Betting oddsIf Junior dos Santos ends in the same ring that Wladimir Klitschko, the heavyweight champion of the UFC betting is pretty safe and think what they would do to the most outstanding fighter in boxing.

"I could beat that guy," says dos Santos. "It may not be easy, but it could knock him out".

This is neither comedy nor chatter by the undefeated dos Santos, who has emerged as one of the most attractive fighters in mixed martial arts with his versatile style armed fights on a standing basis. The Brazilian puncher 6'4'' tall is among the best fighters in the sport offered, and have confidence that I could fight him on equal terms to Klitschko, a champion with three belts to his credit.

"I've watched many fights of Wladimir, and I see many flaws," says Santos, making the idea while engulfing one 22-ounce steak with asparagus and mashed potatoes for lunch at a restaurant in Burbank full of well-dressed professionals coming out of the nearby studios and media companies in the neighborhood.


"Wladimir, the Klitschkos in general are tremendous," he says. "I like to see them fight, especially Wladimir, but they're pretty boring. They are Really good at what they do, but they are very cautious. They do not come around to finish the fight. Stay there in that safe strategy all the time. Not like the days of Mike Tyson. Nobody kills the fights like in the past. "

But dos Santos will not start his boxing career in the short term. He is preparing for his next title defense in a rematch with Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 in December, and has already given a fight against Alistair Overeem 2013, which the suspended challenger called dos Santos a "liar."

"I love being me, and I want to stay in MMA, Boxing is falling."" he said.

Dos Santos is emerging as a global star in MMA, and attempt to raise the level of attention to himself to spend more time in the United States. Be training more frequently in San Diego, home to several Brazilian MMA luminaries, improving their proficiency in English language and expand its fan base.

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A partial move to California also allow dos Santos improve their wrestling, which is not exactly the strongest aspect of his game in MMA as he himself acknowledges. Dos Santos has trouble coping adequate gym mates to fight in Brazil, where imposing jujitsu and impact sports.

The trend champion hurt his fellow gym does not help much either. A fighter who had agreed to spend six weeks in training camp last year lasted just three days before leaving.

"I'm having trouble finding a guy like Cain to train in Brazil," said dos Santos. "I want to take care of my career and learn everything."

Dos Santos has done nothing in his relatively short career in MMA to suggest that he lacks knowledge.

After a series of knockouts in the first assault and two wins on points, won the title in October 2011 with a brutal knockout of Velasquez and 64 seconds into their bout at UFC program. Dos Santos followed up with a second-round victory over Frank Mir in his first title defense, dominating MMA veteran and former champion.

Dos Santos had initially agreed to defend his belt against Overeem in May, but the Dutch kickboxing champion tested positive for high testosterone levels, earning a suspension will last until December. If dos Santos defeats Velasquez surely be his next defense against Overeem and that he has no great champion.

"Does not deserve a title shot," said Overeem. "I just failed the drug test. That is rubbish.'s Very bad. Should not fight for the title, but I want to fight him. Lied. Lies a lot. Want that fight. Would enjoy to fight him, but that does not mean he deserves a title shot. "

You must first give a rematch to Velázquez, even though the former Arizona State wrestler was hit by dos Santos in what was the only loss of his career. Dos Santos will begin his training to face Velasquez in Sao Paulo at the sports complex of Corinthians, the richest football club in Brazil, before flying to Las Vegas on Christmas Eve.

"Some people ask me if the fight was too quick, but do not think so," said dos Santos. "And if I get the opportunity again, it will be even faster."

Tickets have been on sale for the traditional year-end program for the UFC in Las Vegas on Friday.

Until you get a chance to fight one of the Klitschkos, dos Santos will enjoy the fruits of their labor under in MMA. Recently paid surgery for varicose veins in their mother, something that invites him to smile when he remembers.

"That was one of those moments where you stop and say 'yes, life is good for me,'" he says.

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