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UFC 158 Betting Predictions

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Friday, 15 March 2013 20:13

UFC 158 PredictionsLightweight: Mike Ricci vs. Colin Fletcher:

Difficult to determine if these two really deserve a spot on the main card (despite having gone through The Ultimate Fighter) on one hand we have under Zuffa Mike Ricci who achieved far more than when he was in Bellator to be knocked forcefully by Pat Curran.

Now (again) in Lightweight could do better against a fighter like Colin Fletcher. Ricci achieved is quite technical and take a decision. His record is not very impressive but his drive and good kickboxing could help improve that inside the Octagon. We must take into account the Tristar Gym coming so his camp fight should have been good enough to give him a victory.

His opponent, Colin Fletcher, is one of those fighters who all want to have as much talent to fight to talk and give performances with a record of 8 wins, with 7 of them by submission, would have a good chance of beating the Ricci floor. The key to this fight is who decides to set the pace and swim in that sea.


Prediction : Mike Ricci eventually take the decision.

Middleweight: Chris Camozzi vs Nick Ring:

A very hard-fought fight in every way, both fighters come from The Ultimate Fighter 11 and both were taken by injuries.

In the middleweight and Ring are Camozzi, one with purple belt in BJJ and Muay Thai Factory X / MMA TEAM and the other, a brown belt in BJJ and Muay Thai black in Mike Miles.

The only loss in the record of Nick Ring is a fighter like Tim Boetsch, which makes it an "acceptable loss" for a fighter growing, despite the time that has in the game, is making a name yet.

After a decision win (somewhat controversial) about Court McGee, Ring need a convincing win and not leave it in the hands of the judges. His opponent, Chris Camozzi was able to overcome their past three opponents in three ways known in the octagon.

Camozzi has no problem with the pace to take the fight, I could favor any aspect.

Prediction : Camozzi by decision.

Welterweight: Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt:

Ellenberger fight against Johny Hendricks originally until he was offered a place in the co-feature bout, leaving no opponent Ellenberger. At which enters Nate Marquardt.

A fight we must take in the sights. On the one hand we have Nate Marquardt, a veteran of the sport who managed to conquer in time and Pancrase Strikeforce HW. The problem with Marquardt is that as we see it up as one of the best, so we fall like one of the worst.

The best example of this can be seeing him win the Strikeforce welterweight belt against Tyron Woodley impressively and then see him lose the belt against Tarec Saffiedine so, even more impressive. The inconsistency is an important factor for this fighter with a record of 32 wins and 11 losses.

Marquardt floor is excellent, with 15 submissions that come courtesy of a black belt in BJJ Ricardo Murgel but his opponent is also a veteran, Jake Ellenberger has fought professionally 34 times and won 28 of those and forth to the fight, NCAA Division II. This would test the jiu jitsu Nate, being a fighter Ellenberger very difficult to subdue.

Cuffs, is difficult to understand how this fight could go, Ellenberger is a good, good striker but Nate is very difficult to knock down, knock virtually impossible. Another very important factor is that, among all the good aspects of a very bad there Ellenberger, his lack of cardio. Jake Ellenberger gas could be something crucial in this fight.

Prediction : Ellenberger by decision.

Welterweight: Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks:

Over the top welterweight action is in the co-main event when former interim champion Carlos Condit takes on Johny Hendricks rising new talent in a fight that most likely determine the next opponent for the winner of the main event.

Who is number one to face the champion after this event? Honestly these two could be overshadowed by the previous presentations, but that's only a small chance, Hendricks and Condit both give good performances and are incredible fighters. Particularly I think an interesting fight to watch but harmful to the division, if Hendricks had only serve certain victory, because if Condit wins, nobody wants to see a rematch against whoever wins in GSP / Diaz soon and also the division is too congested to delay these same fighters or Hendricks who is worth a title shot.

Carlos Condit did not have the best performance against Nick Diaz but had a very impressive against GSP, whatever they say, Condit is a smart fighter and knows which game to play, it is difficult to knock down and unlikely to be subjected. He has 13 wins and 13 wins by submission via the hands and before losing to GSP, Condit did not know what was a loss since 2009 when he lost to Martin Kampmann (via decision, it is worth noting)

Condit will face one of the most exciting prospects in the division, Hendricks is an amazing wrestler with knockout power. With eight knockouts in his record, Hendricks is a decorated wrestler in Division I, has great cardio and fighter with thrust and speed too. If we go to wrestling, yeah, yeah could be key in this fight, but Condit has much ability to escape from control positions and has good jiu jitsu and if we are going to KO, if Hendricks has a powerful left hand but Condit is a fighter who has never been knocked out and we will not see that this time.

There is a good chance that this fight will take Condit decision and the vote of the judges or overcome his grappling achieved on Hendricks. Anyway, I really hope I'm wrong because it would be fair to see Hendricks a step up to fight for the belt.

Straight to the point: as I said, hope I'm wrong but Carlos Condit will take the victory.

Welterweight: Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz:

I'm a big fan of Nick Diaz, his excellent boxing and his impeccable work of Jiu Jitsu, black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Diaz has the best cardio in MMA, we've never seen Nick Diaz running out of gas and will not see it this time, Diaz is one of those fighters who could go 8 or 9 rounds and bloodied continue fighting as if it were the first.

His constant determination to change the MMA and give a good show might be frustrated (again) this time for GSP, who played for takedowns throughout the fight but can never subdue Diaz. That will be the key to the champion, the constant takedowns.

In Jiu Jitsu, GSP will never submit to a Nick Diaz who tried to apply his best game with the gentle art but GSP will not be easy to subdue. Diaz managed to connect good shots but not do the damage needed to overthrow the welterweight champion from 2006 and then from 2008.

GSP has the best fighting games in MMA, very good athleticism and quickness undeniable, with 8 knockouts in his record, fists, meanwhile not add ninth, Nick Diaz will not be knocked out, the last time Diaz was was arrested by fists against Inoue at DREAM Katsuyo 3 in 2008 and against GSP is a title fight, the KO will not come, probably nowhere.

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