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UFC 157 Latest Predictions

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 23 February 2013 07:06

UFC 157 OddsOn Saturday 23 marks a very important starting point for Mixed Martial Arts. The entry of women into the octagon, although many do not like, is the sport's growth to a giant scale and what some do not understand is that this will give a huge projection. Media who were never interested in MMA, now they are and what made Ronda Rousey also benefits men. We, again, straight to the point with the main card:

Welterweight Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler:

Returning to the UFC, after 9 years, Robbie Lawler (former middleweight champion in EliteXC) has a record of all between victory and defeat. In 29 fights is 19 wins of which 16 have been via fists.

Lawler has fought in the middle and welterweight division. Cutting weight has never been a problem for so now returns to the UFC against veteran, Josh Koscheck in his 17 victories, has added a perfect balance of 5 KOs, 5 submissions and 7 decisions.

A fighter too full for Lawler in his last 10 fights, has a NC and 5 losses. Did not dismiss the possibility that coming off a loss and make return to the UFC is a trigger to make things right, but Koscheck is a fighter too dominant for the return of Lawler. We speak of a constant top contender who has defeated people like Matt Hughes and a pretty big wrestling pedigree.


The appearance of the floor, not very flattering to him Robbie Lawler, taking a single submission on his record, for 5 years and having lost to the jiu jitsu 5 times. Lawler will obviously want to keep the fight standing, is a good striker but against another good striker who also has much experience in fighting. It will be very difficult.

Prediction: Koscheck achieve the TKO or decision.

Court McGee vs. Welterweight. Josh Neer

The winner of The Ultimate Fighter, Court "The Crusher" McGee makes his welterweight debut against Josh Neer, both fighters have something in common: Both come from two consecutive defeats. We might consider a strange move from the UFC to put two fighters coming off two losses on the main card. But you have to understand that, on the one hand these same losses will be the impetus for these two fighters put on a good show. The stakes are high.
Moreover, both are excellent fighters with fairly complete records. The floor could be an important factor, McGee has 7 submission wins and Neer 12 and if we go to striking, Josh Neer gives 17 KO against McGee 2.

Prediction: McGee will take a decision on Neer

Bantamweight Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar
The pride of the Savior, it is always nice to see a Latino in the UFC cage, we know how hard we work we Latinos to achieve things and to see a brother in the biggest MMA organization in the world, is an achievement for all.

Ivan Menjivar is a fighter who has scored 25 wins in 34 fights, at age 30, Menjivar is a veteran of MMA who has knocked out nine men and under 10, has taken six decisions and carries a brown belt in jiu jitsu Brazilian.

When he made his debut at bantamweight, but lost to Brad Picket since then has achieved a 4 wins and now enters the Octagon to face again the crowd favorite, Urijah Faber, a fighter quite famous among fans of MMA and opportunities that has consistently received titles and is considered a top contender. (Faber and Menvijar had faced in 2006 where Faber won but was disqualified for kicking Menvijar on the floor.)

Faber could not enter Barao humanity in his last fight (and honestly, I doubt anyone can topple Barao) this fight given a shot at the title, I do not know, and should face Barao Cruz and depending on that outcome , see who would be next, but either way, that leaves the fight for the belt quite distant, so both fighters have a chance to add a few more wins to their record before going for the coveted belt.

Menjivar has good footwork and a very good fight Faber. But at the end of the battle, Faber could control the fight long enough to take a decision.

Prediction: Faber for judges.

Light Heavyweight Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson

It would be almost absurd name all the titles and success of Dan Henderson. When it comes to MMA, Henderson is one of the faces of the sport. A veteran who has faced all kinds of situations and emerged victorious.

For over 10 years, Henderson has been a fighter, with ups and downs, has proven to be the best in the world and nobody can deny. We talk about a fighter who has only 37 fights in eight defeats, the last time was lost in 2010 and has managed to overcome the worst situations.

This time when Henderson enters the octagon, his opponent will be the size of their desire to succeed. An opponent puts that while Sherdog as 3 among the best light heavy wheights the world, puts the audience right next to Jon Jones.

Lyoto Machida is probably the best game in the cage. His fists have earned 7 KOs jiu jitsu and has given him two submissions and despite having lost three of his last five fights. Nobody takes the merit of being among the best P4P in the world.

This is the battle that many consider to be the main event, the winner will take a shot at the title (for the winner of Jones vs Sonnen) We will not break down like this fight or will be every fighter in every aspect of the Arts Mixed Martial Arts. We know it will be a fight too hard for both and in every detail, both are very well trained, we see a Henderson as ever with an impressive knockout power and an elusive Lyoto Machida, fast and technical. Enjoy a good fight.

Prediction: Lyoto Machida could be a decision.

Rousey round vs. Liz Carmouche

Space opens to the fight that changed the history of mixed martial arts, seeing two women for the first time, enter the UFC Octagon.

Ronda Rousey was a direct blow Advertising Mixed Martial Arts, becoming a giant pop star a growing sport. Dana White swore he would never see women in the UFC until Rousey collecting arms appeared and changed everything. In MMA-LATINO've done many articles about women in MMA so I will not go into detail about the relevance of this event in our sport. We'll go, straight to the point:

6 wins, 6 arm bars, 6 first rounds of trumps to Ronda Rousey who enters the Octagon with the belt tax. After the amount of noise that has Rousey enters the octagon over a large pressure. His opponent, Liz Carmouche is mounted at number 6 of the best at 135 pounds according to the Unified Women Women MMA rankings.

Eight wins, five have been by KO and Carmouche has the power to good mounted and go straight to the GNP. I think the mission of the arm bar Rousey be too difficult this time, Carmouche, probably, has worked in the anti-armbar from any position, at least 1 million times. The expectation Rousey seeking his arm is honestly difficult. Maybe not the same as looking round, knowing that she and the rest of the world awaits.

Carmouche has KO power and Ronda, downing power. I do not see very easily being defeated Carmouche and I see Rousey being knocked out. This fight will go to decision where the champion will retain the belt.

Prediction: Ronda Rousey remains champion.

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