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UFC 154 Latest Betting Predictions

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 17 November 2012 07:50

UFC 154 Latest OddsGeorges St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit is finally here. It took over a year for that we could see this fight, after injury, confusion, a BJ Penn destroyed a controversial statement with Diaz and Condit who made the correct decision to not fight with anyone wanting to take their chance with Georges St. Pierre direct .

What will we see at UFC 154? go ... straight to the point!

Featherweight: Mark Hominick vs. Pablo Garza:

Garza was the protagonist in the first featherweight fight that had the UFC and besides this, the won with one of the most brutal flying knees in MMA history, leaving Fredson Paixao unconscious with oxygen mask and collar. In this knockout power we add seven wins via submission in his 11 professional victories.

What does this tell us? which is a well-trained fighter in every aspect. But (there's always a "but") will enter the octagon with two consecutive losses that destroy the ego or get stronger. His opponent, a popular Mark Hominic who had his title shot against featherweight champion Jose Aldo, losing by decision but won "Fight of the Night" giving a great fight. Despite this, critics of the sport lost faith in Hominic jaw with two defeats and now practically confirmed: whoever loses this battle will be cut from the UFC. Mark with a record 20 victories against 11 defeats, has a lot to prove. The key to this fight will be over who controls or who manages the octagon cut away and make KO.


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Middleweight: Nick Ring vs. Costa Philippou:

Ring is a fighter with a brown belt in BJJ from the hand of Roy Harris and a black belt in Muay Thai by Mike Miles, has a cardio that could make the fight last all rounds and the only loss on his record that has been decision. So far, not really a fighter with knockout power but if a fighter with creativity and endurance. His last victory against Court McGee was quite controversial so Nick Ring seek victory by KO or submission and not let back into the hands of the judges. His obstacle is a well prepared Costa Philippou, who, critics give the sure win, because of his good striking, four straight wins and coming from a team like the Serra-Longo Fight Team. But remember it is MMA, anything is possible.

Middleweight: Francis Carmont vs. Tom Lawlor:

The Frenchman Carmont is one of the protected Georges St. Pierre, an incredible athlete that was defeated last time was in 2008 (in the FightForce: Russia vs. The World). Enter the octagon with eight consecutive victories and another win would put him directly in the top of the middleweight division, but this time neither will easy opponent, the charismatic Tom Lawlor, who is known not only for its last Jason Macdonald victory via KO, but also for its famous imitations, making entries impersonating Dan Severn, Steven Seagal, Apollo Creed, etc.

Lawlor is a fighter than his record navigates between wins and losses, without winning streak since 2009. But has shown he has good takedowns and a "knock out of the night" deserves respect and the benefit of the doubt. There is a great probability that it is controlled by Carmont but remember that is a fighter that can surprise.

Welterweight: Johny Hendricks vs. Martin Kampmann:

Co-feature bout of the evening and also the winner of these two has a good chance of being the next on the list for whoever wins between GSP vs Condit. The chance for a title fight is wide open. There are many interesting factors between Hendricks vs Kampmann, I will try to represent well the title of this segment and not be very long:

Kampmann is three consecutive wins and even more impressive, those three wins came against Rick Story, Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger (TOP fighters) which speaks for itself, giving consideration Kampmann quite impressive in the division, but we must take note that it tends to be a fighter who gets a lot of punishment, and receives opens too many bumps and this may be an important factor when it comes to fight against Johny Hendricks, who only has one loss on his record of fourteen fights is Champion NCAA Division I wrestling, and ended with the humanity of Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, Mike Pierce, etc. Will definitely be of the best fights of the night. Kampmann has everything to win but if Martin Hendricks and also let the blows fall or Johny takedowns, the fight will be over quickly.

Welterweight: Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit:

The main event, the headliner of the evening not only, but probably the year. One of the most dominant champion Georges St-Pierre returns after more than a year away due to injury, but returned against Carlos Condit will not be an easy job.

I, like many, am a fan of Nick Diaz and I hate to say it but more than "ran", Condit made a smart play against Diaz, it's a really smart fighter who knows how to take advantage of situations and you have to take into account that is more dominant than GSP, more than a year away from the cage and injury, poses a more favorable Carlos Condit, who in 33 professional fights have only 2 choices, is "The Natural Born Killer" for something , right? Condit ends his fights (13 KO - 13 submissions) and GSP, unfortunately, has more wins by decision by KO or submission.

Sure, GSP is a great fighter and many critics say that "an injured GSP remains stronger than a well trained Condit" GSP is one of those fighters like Anderson Silva, is a fighter that surprises and that is very creative and has an amazing wrestling . Condit has good takedown defense, but if they go to the floor can not think Condit against GSP Jiu Jitsu. Do you walk? would be the battle of the year, both very creative, flying punches, kicks, quickly. Condit may be smart and use all the space achieves the octagon as he did against Diaz. GSP may prove his granite jaw, between and take the floor and probably the end of the story. Anything can happen, we are all waiting to see this fight, both good skills both as their time off.

What I can predict is that it will be a very good fight.

Now we just enjoy the UFC 154 this Saturday 17 November at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

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