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Tiger Woods Ryder Cup Odds: "We came to win the Ryder"

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Friday, 01 October 2010 00:41

Ryder Cup Odds and PredictionsA strong response against a blunt question. "We came to win the Ryder Cup, Tiger Woods said with determination, in response to a question that got poisoned. The journalist had inquired his views on what was the relationship of the world's No. 1 golf with women from other team players and Woods did not merely a "good", period. "Note that the relationship has cooled?", "No, we're here as a team. We came to win the Ryder Cup."

The megastar, who has been seen with a new putter, the 003 Nike, has been training all week in Orlando. He, along with Cink and Fowler were the only ones who have not reached the Tour Championship, the finale of the PGA Tour betting , and has bolstered his game to the battle that begins Friday. Sean Foley, confident after finishing his new professional relationship with Hank Haney, has overseen his game and everything is in order. Ryder Is it the first fully complete to Woods, who has played five editions and only won one, 1999?

Woods passes to be a different player from the selfish girl who came to Valderrama in 1997.

He himself admits: "I came to a team where everyone was older than me. Most of them are already playing the senior circuit. Now, many of the guys are younger than me and the roles have changed."

Rory McIlroy has said he would love to meet Sunday at Tiger. "And me too," joked Woods. It would be the big game without a doubt.

2010 Ryder Cup Prop Odds – Total Points Earned By Tiger Woods

0- 5/1

0.5- 20/1

1- 5/1

1.5- 9/1

2- 11/2

2.5- 6/1

3- 7/1

3.5- 9/1

4- 14/1

4.5- 28/1

5- 18/1

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