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Rich Franklin UFC 147 Odds Favorite against Wanderlei Silva

Written by Matt Stevens   
Friday, 22 June 2012 10:48

Rich Franklin UFC 147 OddsThis Saturday in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Rich Franklin (28-6-1) returns to action on the undercard in a fight very hard UFC147 to local legend, Wanderlei Silva 1/11/34), in a fight that is unarevancha between two of the top fighters in UFC history, for it faced in 2009 yFranklin took the unanimous decision of the judges. Join Now to Bet on this Game!

Franklin's story is not one of tears, but it is worth telling, especially in the country of the  "American Dream", where millions of people get up every day thinking about that sueñoy, often the best or only way is through a ticket lottery.

This former champion of the UFC middleweight was a math teacher in High School in the city of Cincinnati and it seemed his career was going to be as many teachers in UnitedStates. He achieved his master's degree at the University of Cincinnati and married another math teacher.

His hobby was to train karate and mixed martial arts, thanks to their commitment and quality, Franklin could devote himself to the sport and leave his teaching career aside, at least as active.

In mixed martial arts can be a lack of fighters and many genteno know that a large percentage of them have gone through U.S. universities on todoporque many of them are fighters in college and that is the foundation that allows desarrollarsecomo fighters.

Examples abound, Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Jon Jones, etc, etc, etc. Even from the mismocomienzo with Mark Coleman.

Rich case is different. The UFC did not like that, but still a profesionalestablecido and left everything to pursue his passion.

His arrival in the UFC took place in 2003 when he defeated Evan Tanner by knockout in the same first jump. Thereafter, Franklin's career was uphill and the culmination came two years later later, on June 4, 2005 at UFC 53, to be crowned champion at 185 pounds Tanner in a rematch that tasted like heaven to former professor of Ohio.

The first major announcement of his quality had given in his previous fight to beat Ken Shamrock in the first assault in that legendary first final of the popular television series The UltimateFighter. It was there that fought Forrest Griffin against Stephan Bonnar. Also, Diego Sanchez against Kenny Florian.

That night came two UFC champions, Griffin and Franklin, and two others who fought unsuccessfully for a title, Ken-Flo and Sanchez. That is, this was a perfect billboard for the world to learn about Franklin and that gave him a very good shot at the middleweight crown.

After earning his degree, he managed to defend him twice until he met a the brazilian fighther named Anderson Silva, who at that time there was the legend that is now or sepensaba he would be undefeated in his career so far in the UFC.

After reaching the top, even after falling to the "Spider" Silva in a rematch, the story of Rich Franklin to tell it isa, enjoy and get excited. Even a movie has been said to tell his adventure on this road called life.
The ingredients are many and make an incredible story. The teacher of mathematics, with relatively modest unsalario, who leaves his profession to devote himself to mixed martial arts and climbing queen a few years achieved the pinnacle of the sport and become world champion.

The successful career has allowed him to go fight to places like Canada, Germany, Ireland, between otros.Y that same success is ensuring you be known to millions of fans of the arts marcialesmixtas around the world.

However, Franklin never lost his humility or forget their origins.

And that was a kind of teaching for this tremendous warrior who, as the fighters MMA, always available to the media and especially for fans of the sport. If in doubt, go to a UFC weigh deprensa or conference or attend the Fan Expo in June and July 7 in Las Vegas and you'll understand what I say.

Now, at age 37 and at the end of his career, Rich Franklin may be to ponder and analyze all foulbrood has lived since he fought for the first time in 1999 and is probably very proud of what haconseguido.

He secured his UFC middleweight champion and fought their way legends like WanderleiSilva Anderson and Lyoto Machida, Chuck Liddell, Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin and Vitor Belfort, among others. Conalgunos won, other lost, as in any career.

But if we have to give a score to what it has achieved this professor of mathematics, I think that WILL deserves an A rather large for what he has done. Not only in sports but in the way inwhichthe has handled his life to the world. Not bad for that guy from Ohio who is called "Ace" by Jim Carey suparecido and his character in the movie Ace Ventura.

And so we have to thank Rich Franklin and his teachings for a long time that those classrooms salieronde class I had in Cincinnati. It does not matter what happens this Saturday at UFC Wanderlei Silva 147ante there in the beautiful Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, although we know that  rise with every intention and desire to leave the world winner.

UFC 147 Odds:

Rich Franklin is -185 at the odds against Wanderlei Silva at +155.

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