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Written by Andrew Scofield   
Monday, 13 April 2015 23:50
Social media is a great way to get the word out about live betting services included with and their sportsbook software. Customers can learn more about a company than just their mission statement, and read interesting articles at the same time.

The first priority of building a great customer base is providing a spectacular customer service. Polite and attentive staff are a must, and sufficient number must  be available during peak business hours. Our staff are knowledgeable, courteous and ready to answer any questions customers and potential customers may have.

Customer service isn’t just about phone calls, and a great company has many different ways of communicating with clients. Live Chat, e-mails, sportsbook software messaging,  and social media are the most current forms of staying in touch.

A standout company has the best products to offer, and stop at nothing to remain ahead of their competition. Product updates, a team of programmers, and a great social media presence all help to keep as the leader of the pay per head pack.

When customers are looking for live betting services, quantity and quality go hand in hand. created and developed Live Player, an easy to use interface that blends into any existing website, and connects with a wallet type of application, similar to adding a casino or racebook, poker room, or virtual dealer casino.

Live Player currently offers 1000+ games a month, with up to 100 markets for each game. By increasing the offering, volume is increase along with profits. It’s a natural win-win for any office or customer.

This service has been around in Europe for a decade, and North American clients are now learning of its value to their business. As well, local companies can add this product to their offerings for increased client loyalty and increased profit overall.

With a consistently stellar customer service, amazing product offerings, live betting services, and a management team that leads their team to greatness, is the market leader in the pay per head niche they started and will remain on top of by providing exactly what is expected of them. Everything.
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