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Formula 1 GP Germany Classification Odds: Sebastian Vettel Betting Favorite

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Friday, 22 July 2011 22:56

GP Germany Betting OddsFollowing the standard pattern so far this season, bettors believe Sebatian Vettel will not leave snatch pole at the Grand Prix betting which takes place at home. In fact, the shares offered by the pilot lug is "laughable" when compared with rivals more likely.

So far this season, the German and Red Bull, have grabbed the top spot on the grid. In nine races to date, seven times has been the first, the other two occasions, his teammate Mark Webber was the winner. This only serves to certify the superiority of the Austrian car in qualifying on Saturday.

However, the progression that the Ferrari car at the hands of Fernando Alonso and the show in the books, played on Friday, the performance and accuracy and improvements in Alonso's car, make a bet on the possibility of euros for the Spaniard is more than interesting. The choice of Mark Webber, in sesunda first session of the free, can also be very convenient. In fourth position appears Lewis Hamilton, who looks through a difficult time this season. By residual, also appears Massa, with a fee that is triggered by over 20 €.

In any case, you must also take into account the weather conditions at the German circuit, always changing, which can radically alter the expectations of the bettors.

Without doubt, this is a weekend of exciting racing that occurs.

Classification Betting Odds:

1. Sebastian Vettel 1.62
2. Mark Webber 4.12
3. Fernando Alonso 4.40
4. Lewis Hamilton 13.79
5. Felipe Masaa 22.14

Last Updated on Friday, 22 July 2011 23:07
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