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Floyd Mayweather highest paid athlete

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 22:13

Floyd Mayweather NewsWe at BSN Sports blog already know what the highest paid athletes in the world are. The business magazine Forbes has published a list of the 100 highest paid athletes in the world, in which the first position is for boxer Floyd Mayweather, above Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, who occupy the second and fourth with Rafa Nadal as the first Spanish in ninth place.

Floyd Mayweather beats them all.

The highest paid sportsmen all of planet Earth is boxer Floyd Mayweather, who beats players, tennis players, golfers, basketball players and football players to earn 105 million euros. In fact, the top ten there is only a boxer, he, for two players (Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi), two basketball players (Kobe Bryant and James Lebront), two golfers (Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson), a tennis player, Rafa Nadal and a football player, Matt Ryan, closing the club ten more athletes entered.


What is surprising in the case of world champion boxer in five categories is that the best paid in the world without entering, according to Forbes, not a single euro on advertising. And for lovers of statistics, say that to pocket only 105 million had to be 72 minutes in the quadrilateral.

Cristiano, 80 million; Messi, 64.7 million

The difference Mayweather regarding his pursuers is important because Christian is the second in the standings with $ 80 million, split between 52 million salary and 28 admitted for advertising. CR7 is above the player Lebront NBA Miami Heat James, with 72.3 million dollars. 'King' James has a less than CR7 (19.3 million) salary, but instead enters much more on advertising, $ 53 million.

Leo Messi is the fourth football player and the second among the ten highest paid athletes in the world, with 64.7 million, and it is noteworthy that his salary is significantly higher than that of James, $ 41.7 million. Crack Rosario significantly outperforms Kobe Bryant (61.5 million) and Tiger Woods, 61.2 million, fifth and sixth respectively.

Rafa Nadal, the first Spanish

Rounding out the top ten: Roger Federer, seventh, with 56.2 million; Phil Mickelson, eighth, with 53.2 million; Rafa Nadal, ninth, with 44.5 million and Matt Ryan with $ 43.8 million.

Neymar is the 16th, with 33.6 million and the first driver in Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton, the 19th, with 32 million, just two places ahead of Fernando Alonso, with 31 million; especially notable is that to find the four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel, have to go to the post 83, with $ 19 million.

The other two are Spanish athletes Pau Gasol (57th place, 21.8 million) and Fernando Torres (63 years, 21.3 million), closing the top millionaire current Liverpool footballer Luis Suarez, with 17.3 million 100.

Three women, three players

And among the 100 highest paid athletes are only three women and the three wielding a racket. The entering more dollars in your bank account is Maria Sharapova, with 24.4 million, so it takes position 41. Of this, a very high proportion of it, 22 million from advertising.

A situation that does not occur in the second woman, Li Na (position 41 with 23.6 million), or the third, Serena Willams, with 22 million.

The top 10 highest paid athletes

1.Floyd Mayweather (boxing, 105 million)

2.Cristiano Ronaldo (football, $ 80 million)

3.Lebron James (basketball, 72.3 million)

4.Leo Messi (football, $ 64.7 million)

5.Kobe Bryant (basketball, $ 61.5 million)

6.Tiger Woods (golf, $ 61.2 million)

7.Roger Federer (tennis, $ 56.2 million)

8.Phil Mickelson (golf, $ 53.2 million)

9.Rafael Nadal (tennis, $ 44.5 million)

10.Matt Ryan (football, $ 43.8 million)


Other Spanish athletes
21.Fernando Alonso (F1, 31 million dollars)

21.Pau Gasol (Basketball, $ 21.8 million)

First lady
34.Maria Sharapova (tennis, $ 24.4 million)

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