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Edwin "El Feroz" Figueroa at UFC 161

Written by Matt Stevens   
Friday, 14 June 2013 13:45

UFC 161 previewThis Saturday, in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, we have another big event with UFC 161, where the main fight is between two veterans and legends of the Mixed Martial Arts, Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson , who seek to return to the first light heavyweight division planes.

As usual, there will be Latino presence on this card and this time is in the hands of Salvadorian fighter Edwin "El Feroz" Figueroa (9-2), a Texan who started in boxing, kickboxing passed since 2007 is dedicated to MMA and debuted in the UFC in 2011.

His mark in the UFC has been a 2-2, so urges come out on top against Roland Delorme (8-1), a fighter who is a native Canadian from Winnipeg, so I will have the audience in his favor, without doubt.

Here is a fighter combat shining faces looking up and always use your hands (Figueroa) against which prefers the fight on the canvas to attack and look for the submission (Delorme). Again, we find a classic MMA clash between two styles, two disciplines that seek different paths victory.


In this bantamweight division (135 pounds), Figueroa looking place and seeks its survival. This is a very tough category, where there are champions out injured (Dominick Cruz), an interim champion (Renan Barao) and excellent fighters (Urijah Faber, and Michael McDonald, to name just two) weight that make this one of the most competitive around the UFC.

El Salvador is among the top ten, but a win over him Delorme near that select group that remains on top, but mostly keep him as one of the young people to continue to want to be part of the best in this weight .

Among Latinos, he is not at the level of Cain Velasquez or even Erik "Goyito" Perez, not even close, but what it does have in common with those mentioned is his warrior heart that never lacks Latino fighters . And that's something you have to use a lot while climbing seats and is active.

Your task this Saturday is quite complicated, as almost always in the UFC. But to be the best you have to beat the best and become the best you have to go beating the you get in the way. No roads or easy fights, this is not boxing. Here's to progress and overcome. It's that simple.

And Edwin "El Feroz" Figueroa looking to stay active in the UFC and make your hands prevail against Delorme. To get it, he must first win in Winnipeg. Will your hands dominate rival? That is the question. If imposed, the victory will come, but if not, the night can be long for this Central American Salvadoran parents son, born in Texas.

With all these ingredients put on the table, it remains to sit and enjoy the UFC 161, beginning with the Delorme vs. Figueroa fight, which opens is the first of four preliminary FX.

Are you ready yet?

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