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Edwin Figueroa (9-1) vs. Francisco Rivera (8-2) UFC 156

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Friday, 01 February 2013 08:47

UFC 156 bettingOn 2 February, in Las Vegas, will be the UFC 156 fight card, which will be at stake Brazilian featherweight title to Frankie Edgar José Aldo, a fight that has raised a lot of expectations from the moment it was announced. That same night, the battle that opens the event is between two Latinos, Edwin Figueroa (9-1) and Francisco Rivera (8-2).

Figueroa is a young Texan Salvador parents, while Rivera comes from California with Mexican blood. This confrontation is further proof that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA for short) every day paste more among Hispanics in the United States.

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Both need a win to stay active in the UFC today, in which it is increasingly difficult to maintain the quantity and quality of their fighters.


"Cisco" Rivera is a veteran of the WEC and The Ultimate Fighter coming from a fight with Roland Delorme who won, but after testing positive for a banned substance the result was changed to no contest.

This happened in July last year, so it takes seven months without a fight. That kind of pause often affects the fighters. We'll see what happens with him.

To "Cisco", being part of the UFC is the highest honor possible and now is winning out inside the octagon, starting against his next opponent.

The "Feroz" Figueroa also takes several months without a fight because of an injury. His last fight was against Alex Caceres in February 2012, so his appointment against Rivera will end one year pause. Quite a while too.

Both are part of what I call the "working class" in the UFC. Those who keep the engines of the organization and who fight the same in Facebook than in preliminary events leading to heat.

That is precisely the case of them in the UFC 156. They are the first bout of the night and have the task of lighting the wick of the first pay per view event this 2013.

Not everyone is Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre or Cain Velasquez.

Will have to see what prevails among them, experience or boxing Rivera Figueroa powerful. The struggle of "Cisco" or Youth "Feroz". Rivera also has powerful fists, so it would not surprise me from getting to the cage and just trade punches are made to rave audience. All these questions will be answered tonight.

The way we both came to MMA is quite different, Rivera in 2008 looking for a dream that came true to reach the UFC. Figueroa, meanwhile, began boxing in the footsteps of his father, and so came to the sport where it is since 2007.

The appointment is made for the afternoon of February 2, the day before the SuperBowl, on a Saturday when all eyes of the sports world will be on the UFC 156.

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