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British Open Preview: What to Expect from the Big Names

Written by Gaby Varji   
Monday, 12 July 2010 19:57

British Open Odds to WinWhen the British Open approaches, it is stylish to spend your money betting on a Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. But golf betting is not like NFL betting. In the NFL every game is played on a flat surface with equal markings. On the PGA tour, every course is different.

As college football betting starts to heat up in the United States, the best golfers in the world are meeting at the old course at St. Andrews to decide who the British Open champion will be for 2010. All of the familiar names will be there, but before you bet on someone you recognize, you may want to consider how well he will really do in this tournament.

Tiger Woods (9-2)

Tiger has had a rough season. To go along with his personal escapades, which are adversely affecting his golf game significantly, are his cries of wolf that have the entire golf world shaking their heads. On the seventh hole of the final round of the Player’s Championship, Tiger walked off the course claiming a sore neck prevented him from continuing. This sore neck never came to light in any of his previous tour failures this season, and the episode raised a lot of questions.

The British Open is links golf. No trees, no huge hills and some of the thickest rough you will ever see. Without proper focus and concentration, any golfer can get eaten alive by a links course. With Tiger’s mental state right now, St. Andrews will eat him alive.

Phil Mickelson (10-1)

Everyone doing British Open betting is pulling for Lefty. His “feel good” family story makes for good press, and it also makes for some emotional moments on the 72nd green when he wins a tournament. Mickelson has had a very good season, but he has shown that he still does not have that ability to close gaps and win when it really counts. Mickelson has been ranked number two or three in the world for the past five or six years, but when the number one ranking was there for the taking, Phil could not respond. Even with the awful year Tiger is having, Phil allows Tiger to remain the top dog on tour.

Mickelson’s scoring average is above 70, and he is not nearly as consistent off the tee as you need to be to score well in the British Open. While Mickelson is a top favorite in the tournament this year, his play so far indicates that he will not win.

Colin Montgomerie (150-1)

England’s favorite hot-head somehow managed to make it into the British Open again this year. The best part about watching Monty play is trying to bet on when he will explode and storm off the course. As a contender, Monty’s best days are behind him.

Tom Watson (100-1)

If Tom Watson has shown one thing in the last few years it is that you never count out Tom Watson. He played well in the US Open again, and he is a five-time British Open champion. He can still swing the club with the young guys, and no one should be surprised to see Watson playing over the weekend and placing well when the Open is over.

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