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NHL Teams to Watch for in 2013-14

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Monday, 13 May 2013 22:27

Hockey 2013-14 Season PredictionsThe top sports betting sites have seen enough of this shortened NHL season to know that there are certain teams that are looking to make an impact next season. Some teams, such as the Montreal Canadiens, benefitted from the shortened season because it covered up Montreal’s annual collapse right after the all-star game. But there are plenty of teams that showed a lot of promise in 2013 and the price per head sportsbook software may have to adjust its odds on these teams to compete for the Stanley Cup in 2013-14.

Winnipeg Jets

For the fourth season in a row, the Winnipeg Jets showed that it is on the right track toward developing a playoff team. It looks like the one thing Winnipeg really needs is veteran leadership to help keep the team focused later in the season. The Jets will probably be active in the free agent market this offseason as there is a lot of veteran talent available that could make a difference on this team.


Buffalo Sabres

The best online sports betting sites know that the Buffalo Sabres took the cheap way out when the team made former Rochester Americans head coach and Sabres interim head coach the full-time head guy behind the bench. But Rolston is not as bad of a choice as many of the disgruntled fans in Buffalo may think. With the influx of young players, and some hard-nosed veterans like Steve Ott, the Buffalo Sabres could be building a playoff contender despite trying to have one of the lowest team payrolls in the league.

Dallas Stars

The knock against the Dallas Stars for a long time now has been the team’s unwavering faith in goaltender Kari Lehtonen. There is nothing wrong with Lehtonen, he is just not a full-time, number one NHL goalie. It looks like Dallas has finally come to that realization and changes are in the works. Depending on what the Stars do in the offseason, this could be a very potent hockey team next season.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The sports online betting experts agree that the Maple Leafs are not quite done building their team just yet. There is still the matter of a consistent defense in Toronto to help out goaltender James Reimer. The Leafs have their goaltender of the future and they also have a potent scoring attack. What the team lacks is a strong blue line corps to back up those forwards. There will be some major changes in Toronto during this offseason, but they should all be changes that Leafs fans will welcome with open arms.

Edmonton Oilers

There are enough first round draft picks on this Edmonton team to impress any general manager. The Oilers are still frantically searching for a consistent goaltender that can help the team win. Don’t be surprised if Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres makes his way out west. The Oilers have plenty of prospects to deal and the Sabres are looking to get rid of their franchise goaltender.

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