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NHL Betting Eastern Conference Finals Game One: Lightning vs. Bruins

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 07:40

Eastern Conference Finals Game One: Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston BruinsOnline Sports Betting Overview

The Tampa Bay Lightning should not have beaten the Washington Capitals, and the Lightning knows it. Online casino bettors watched yet another playoffs where the Washington Capitals played as a group of individuals rather than a team, and lost to an inferior team in the playoffs. The worst part is that the Lightning swept the Capitals, which means that no one will ever believe that the Capitals were the better team. But Washington was the better team, and they lost. The Bruins are the better team in this series, and Boston won’t make the same mistakes that the Capitals did.

The Boston Bruins make NHL news headlines with their physical play and outstanding goaltending. The Philadelphia Flyers did not have a full-time goaltender, and the Bruins exploited that to win the series in a four-game sweep. The Lighting does have a good goaltender, but it is difficult to imagine Dwayne Roloson matching up with Tim Thomas.

Roloson is a steady goaltender that gives Tampa Bay a chance to win every night. But all of that open ice that Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos and Vincent Lecavalier had in the Philadelphia series will not exist in the conference finals. The Bruins will separate the three top scorers and isolate them. Without each other to work off of, the Lightning’s top scorers are pretty quiet.

Boston Bruins
A 5dimes review of the Bruins’ Eastern Conference semifinals series shows that Boston pounded Philadelphia into submission. The Flyers tried their distraction tricks of taking pot shots at the goalie and starting nonsense after the whistle, but the Bruins just stood their ground and swept the series. The Flyers did not pose nearly the challenge that the Tampa Bay Lightning will bring. The Lighting has scorers, hard-working defensemen and a solid goalie. The Lightning is also more interested in playing hockey than trying to use silly shenanigans to win a series. Both of these teams will be focused, and the Lightning will force the Bruins to worry more about playing hockey than other distractions. The bad thing for Tampa is that the Bruins are very good at playing hockey. The Bruins play a very physical style of hockey that Tampa Bay will not be able to stand up to in a seven game series.

Tampa Bay Lightning
The Lightning found all kinds of open ice against a Philly team that had to consistently fall back and protect whatever goaltender was in net for that period. The Flyers could never really attack, so the Flyers resorted to goon tactics. But Tampa was too interested in scoring goals, and that is why they ousted the Flyers in four games. But Tampa Bay is neither a very fast team, nor a very physical team. They are a good hockey team with solid leadership and good goal scorers. But the Bruins will set the tone early and often in this first game, and the Lightning does not have the weapons to respond.

The Bottom Line
This series could be a sweep also if the Lightning cannot find a way to stand their ground against the Bruins checking. The Bruins will hit you in your own zone, in the Boston zone, at center ice or in the Zamboni entrance. The Lightning are just not built for a physical series.

BSN Sports Pick: Boston Bruins

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