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NHL Betting: Every Weekend is Valuable in the NHL

Written by Matt Stevens   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 08:14

Hockey Weekend Free PicksAs the weekend approaches, there are some NHL teams that are still trying to make their impact on the league standings and make the playoffs. The online sports book experts have noticed that some teams are making a move upwards, while other teams seem to be sinking ever lower. Let’s take a look at the games that the betting sites will be following this weekend to see what games of significance could wind up having an impact on each conference’s playoff race.

Saturday – Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins

The Philadelphia Flyers was on the verge of being left for dead by the bookies, but Philly has battled its way back into the playoff hunt. The Flyers started this week nursing a two-game winning streak and looking for more. The Flyers is within striking distance of the second place New Jersey Devils in the Atlantic Division and Philadelphia is looking for more. The Bruins is finding it frustrating to chase a Montreal Canadiens team that has found new life with a bigger and stronger defense. This game should be a lot of fun to watch, but the Bruins will be able to turn home ice into an advantage in this game.


My Pick: Boston Bruins

Saturday – Edmonton Oilers @ Nashville Predators

The season had started with such promise for the Edmonton Oilers, but things are slowly starting to fall apart for this young hockey team. The Oilers came out of last weekend with a two-game losing streak and that was just one of many losing streaks the team has experienced lately. The Predators can feel its window of opportunity closing as it loses more and more games this season. The BSN sports blog experts have been wondering if Nashville was going to start to excel at any point this season. A home game against the Oilers is a good time for Nashville to turn its game around.

My Pick: Nashville Predators

Sunday – New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals

The Rangers have been playing some close games lately, but it beats the loses the team had taken early in the season. The Rangers has been struggling this season, but it is not out of the playoff race by any stretch. If New York can put together a winning streak, it could start to challenge for the lead in the Atlantic Division. The Capitals, on the other hand, need to start winning or the team is in for some major changes in this offseason. Washington sits at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and will need some major help to pull itself up.

Pick: New York Rangers

Sunday – Buffalo Sabres @ Philadelphia Flyers

The Buffalo Sabres lost its first two games after firing head coach Lindy Ruff. Since those two losses, the Sabres has gone 3-0-1. The Flyers could be running into a buzz saw that it is ill-equipped to handle after playing a game the day before.

My Pick: Buffalo Sabres

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