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The Receiver Donte Stallworth Cleveland Browns Suspended Indefinitely

Written by OGB   
Sunday, 21 June 2009 20:55
Donte Stallworth in Court

The receiver Donte Stallworth Cleveland Browns go 4 weeks to prison, but his punishment is not limited to the legal aspect.

Roger Goodell with a strong arm.

Now Roger Goodell to decide the future of the player, and while Stallworth gets a chance to talk personally with the commissioner and Goodell ruled an indefinite suspension to the player.

Stallworth is serving a sentence of 30 days in prison after suffering a car accident caused by driving in a drunken state and that took the life of a bystander in Miami.

In a letter to Stallworth, Goodell stated that the player's actions caused "irreparable damage".

"The behavior reflected on your statement as the culprit is the result of a tragic loss of life, which is inexcusable," Goodell wrote.

"The justice system and determined the legal consequences of the incident, however, it is my responsibility as commissioner of the NFL to determine the appropriate disciplinary referrals for such shares, which have caused irreparable harm to the victim and his family, to your computer , the players and the NFL. "

Goodell has finally confirmed that Stallworth eventually contacted and their representatives to determine the duration of the suspension.

"I accept full and complete responsibility for this horrible tragedy," said Stallworth. "Bear this burden the rest of my life."

Last Updated on Monday, 22 June 2009 21:34
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