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The path of the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl XLVIII

Written by Michael Gordon   
Thursday, 23 January 2014 18:40
SUPER BOWL XLVIII OddsAt that showed potential in 2012 and good reinforcements who arrived as free agents, it was not difficult to put the Seattle Seahawks as a serious candidate to be in Super Bowl XLVIII even before the season starts. Sure enough, those commanded by Pete Carroll had the best record in the NFC, have undergone Saints and 49ers in the playoffs and against the Denver Broncos will be one of the awaited final s of all time. Much has happened since the team's debut on September 8, understands how was the walk from Seattle to stamp the passport to New York.

Undefeated preseason
One of the maxims in the world of NFL does not take seriously the preseason games. Well, not in the case of the Seattle Seahawks. The good performances, even with the reserve team most of the time, erar indicative of the strength of this squad. Seattle won all four games, three of them against teams that would qualify for the playoffs in December. The largest of them was precisely against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field, a hit for 40-10. Adding the four games, the Seahawks made 110 points and led 46.

Home overwhelming

A good run in the preseason was confirmed when the season began in earnest, Seattle won the first four matches with an impressive mainly defensive. Mastery The Seahawks took no notice of the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers , teams that would months later one duels of the Divisional Round. Adding the first two presentations, Seattle wrote down 41 points and took 10.

Despite the 45 points scored against weak Jacksonville Jaguars in week 3, the defense until surprisingly took 17 points from one of the worst attacks in the league, with two TDs land. By the end of the regular season, the team would take two more touchdowns on the ground. Seattle also got a shock the next game against the Houston Texans, took 20 points in the second quarter and went to the locker room trailing by 17. Carroll hit the pointers in the second half, the team did not take points and took the game into overtime, winning with a field goal by Steven Hauschka.
First defeat

Invincibility fell in a duel against the Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 06. Seattle won until the last period, but took the turn commanded by Andrew Luck. Russell Wilson even had the chance to write down the winning touchdown in the final minutes, but was intercepted by Darius Butler. It was the first setback of the team from the NFC semifinal last year.

Seven straight wins against the Saints and trampling
The setback for the Colts served to the team fix some mistakes and move well in the competition, Seattle packed and won the next seven commitments had against Titans, Cardinals, Rams, Buccaneers, Falcons, Vikings and Saints.

The game against New Orleans was the assertion that the team get far in the season. 's 34-07 victory was a lesson in football at CenturyLink Field. dominated Seattle in all possible aspects of a match and won with authority what would be his opponent in the Divisional Round in January.

Loss to rival and class defense against Giants

The winning streak ended at week 14. Playing away from home, the Seahawks fell against the rival San Francisco 49ers for 19-17. As would be the end of a month after the national conference, the NFC West duel was very truncated and decided in the final minutes. Seattle had the advantage of 2 points to 6 minutes remaining in the game, but the 49ers intelligently spent the clock and kicked a field goal in the victory almost timer overflow.

The comeback came in the next round, before the New York Giants. Eli Manning was indoctrinated by the middle of Seattle, which successfully intercepted the quarterback five times. Very easily, the team of Pete Carroll won 23 to zero at MetLife Stadium, host of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Preparation for the playoffs
Guaranteed in the postseason since week 13, the Seahawks need to win at least one of the next two appointments to ensure the best record in the NFC and home field advantage until the final.

Victory did not come in week 16. The team fell to the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field full, ending a string of 14 games unbeaten on home soil. The defense intercepted Carson Palmer up to 4 times, but the attack did not know how to turn the turnovers into points. Confirmation as best campaign of the national conference came in the last round, a quiet victory 27-9 against the St. Louis Rams in Seattle.

Postseason with authority
Cheek after the first week of the playoffs, the Seahawks received the always dangerous New Orleans Saints, reissuing the duel a few weeks ago. Seattle totally dominated the first half, Drew Brees overturned and came to the locker room leading by 16-0. To seize the public in CenturyLink Field, New Orleans woke up in the second stage, a chance to note the touchdown that would take the duel into overtime in the final minute. Despite the scare, the Seahawks held the result and guaranteed spot in the final of the NFC.

The adversary once was the old name San Francisco 49ers, who had already made ​​two starts in 2013. The greatest rivalry in the division was visible on the field, was a nervous duel from start to finish in Seattle. A spectacular, high-level, worthy of the strength of the two teams match. Seattle turned the game in the last period, won 23-17 and secured a dreamed of such vacancies in Super Bowl XLVIII. Featured once again for the defense, which forced Colin Kaepernick three turnovers down the stretch duel.
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