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Super Bowl XLVI Latest Betting Stats and Analysis

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Friday, 03 February 2012 07:45

2012 SuperBowl OddsI. Will be the first occasion in which the Super Bowl bets be held in Indianapolis. It is the 17th different city that will host the "big game" of the NFL. And the Lucas Oil Stadium will stage 20 in number to be played "Super Sunday".

II. The National Conference (NFC) has an advantage of 24-21, after the Saints and Packers won the two most recent, when the AFC match nearly 22 to 22.

III. The AFC is the home team in the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots have decided to play with local blue jersey and will be repeated, therefore, the matchup against the Giants uniform, playing the white jersey in Super Bowl XLII.

IV. To date, 3,524,886 people have attended Super Bowl 45 games. XLV's edition, the attendance was 103.219.

V. No Super Bowl has been decided in overtime. The score was 20-19 tighter with the Giants beating the Bills in XXV. In five other cases, the difference was 3 points.

VI. The team has won the "high" to start the party has won 22 games and lost 23 in the Super Bowl. In his previous four entries, the Giants have won two and lost two ruffles. The Patriots have "brand" of 1-5 when the coin toss.

VII. The Giants-Patriots Super Bowl is the number reaching 13 in two teams that faced during the regular season. When these same clubs met in the edition XLII, New England won the regular calendar. In 2011, New York was the winner.

VIII. Connecting to Puerto Rico. Both sides have in their ranks a Puerto Rican descent player: Giants wide receiver with Victor Cruz and Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

IX. Tom Brady will try to be the third quarterback to win four times the Lombardi Trophy to join Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh) and Joe Montana (San Francisco). And seek to tie to Montana with a third trophy as MVP of Super Bowl.

X. This is the first time that two quarterbacks who have been named MVP of Super Bowl meet for the Lombardi Trophy. Brady was in XXXVI and XXXVIII editions. Manning took the honor in the number XLII.

XI. 24 times a quarterback has been named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of Super Bowl, the maximum for any position. We are brokers (7), wide receivers (6), defensive ends (2), linebackers (2), deep (2), corner (1), defensive tackle (1) and specialists in punt returns (1).

XII. Eli Manning (NY Giants)-MVP of Super Bowl XLII, could join four elements that have received such an honor more than once: Joe Montana (3), Bart Starr (2), Terry Bradshaw (2) and Tom Brady (2 ) were past. Also try to be the No. 11 quarterback to win more than one Super Bowl.

XIII. It will be the fifth time in which two head coaches who had won the Super Bowl: Bill Belichick has been a champion on issues XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIV, while Tom Coughlin was in the XLII. The above comparisons of this kind were in Super Bowls X and XIII (Chuck Noll, Tom Landry), XVIII (Tom Flores, Joe Gibbs), XIX (Bill Walsh, Don Shula).

XIV. The Lucas Oil Stadium will be the ninth domed stadium where they play a Super Bowl. The previous ones were: Louisiana Superdome (New Orleans), Silverdome (Pontiac), Metrodome (Minneapolis), Georgia Dome (Atlanta), Reliant Stadium (Houston), Ford Field (Detroit), University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale) and Cowboys Stadium ( Arlington).

XV. Giants vs. Patriots will be the fifth Super Bowl rematch. The four that have been repeated confrontations are: Pittsburgh-Dallas (X, XII, XXX), Miami-Washington (VII, XVII), San Francisco-Cincinnati (XVI, XXIII) and Dallas-Buffalo (XXVII and XXVIII).

XVI. This will be the number 11 on that occasion they meet in the Super Bowl two teams representing the Eastern Division of both conferences. These duels were: Baltimore-Dallas (V), Dallas-Miami (VI), Miami-Washington (VII, XVII), NY Giants-Buffalo (XXV), Washington-Buffalo (XXVI), Dallas-Buffalo (XXVII, XXVIII ), New England, Philadelphia (XXXIX) and NY Giants-New England (XLII).

XVII. Between 1988 and 1990, working for the New York Giants, Bill Belichick (defensive coordinator) and Tom Coughlin (wide receivers coach) agreed as an assistant coach Bill Parcells in which they were champions in the Super Bowl XXV.

XVIII. After a bad season for the Indianapolis Colts, there is still no single team has been able to reach the Super Bowl when the stadium was venue. Teams that have played it closer to his home were: Los Angeles Rams in Pasadena (XIV) and San Francisco 49ers in Palo Alto (XIX).

XIX. Giants and Patriots played the Lombardi Trophy adding 10 Super Bowls played in advance between the two. New York has been in the editions XXI, XXV and XLII XXXV. New England, where XX, XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX and XLII.

XX. Tom Brady will tie John Elway's record of five Super Bowls played by a quarterback. The quarterback of the Denver Broncos did in the editions XXI, XXII, XXIV, XXXII and XXXIII.

XXI. The duel between Patriots (1) and Giants (4) will be the third time in a Super Bowl teams face planted in locations 1 and 4 of their respective conferences since it was instituted in 1990, the 12 teams qualified to the playoffs. The previous times were: Rams (1) vs. Titans (4) and the Giants XXXIV (1) vs. Ravens (4) in the XXXV.

XXII. A total of 10.168 yards passing joined Eli Manning (4.933) and Tom Brady (5.235) in the regular season, the highest amount in history for two quarterbacks who played a Super Bowl. The only other quarterback who arrived with more than 5,000 yards to a "big game" was Dan Marino (5,084) in the nineteenth edition. Total Manning is the third highest in history for a quarterback who became a Super Bowl.

XXIII. The Giants come with the No. 32 rushing offense and last in the league, averaging just 89.2 yards per game, while the Patriots were number 20 (110.2). In contrast, in New England passing offense was No. 2 (317.8 yards per game) and New York was No. 5 (295.9).

XXIV. The total defense of the Patriots was the second worst (place 31) in the league by allowing 411.1 yards per game, while the Giants held the position 27 with 376.4 yards allowed per game.

XXV. The two protagonists of the next "Super Sunday" have reached the Super Bowl each headed by three different head coaches. Raymond Berry (XX), Bill Parcells (XXXI) and Bill Belichick (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX and XLII) led the Patriots to the full game and the Giants have done: Parcells (XXI, XXV), Jim Fassel ( XXXV) and Tom Coughlin (XLII).

XXVI. The Giants have won the last two games against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII (February 3, 2008), 17-14 in Glendale, Arizona, and on November 6, 2011, during the week 9, 24 - 20 in Foxborough. In both cases, away from home and scoring in his last offensive touchdown to give the flip.

XXVII. The historical series between Patriots and Giants are 5-4 in favor of New England in the regular season, but 1-0 for the Giants for their win in the Super Bowl XLII.

XXVIII. Both Giants and Patriots seek first win at Lucas Oil Stadium, the scene in which accumulated between three defeats. Indianapolis beat New England 18-15 (2008) and 35-34 (2009) and New York 38-14 (2010).

XXIX. In this postseason, including Eli Manning (1) and Tom Brady (3) accumulate three interceptions in exchange for 14 touchdown passes, eight of Manning and six of Brady. In the 2007 playoffs, including Super Bowl XLII, Eli threw for 6 touchdowns and 1 interception and Tom for 6 and 3.

XXX. In pass defense during the playoffs, the Patriots have allowed 390 yards, 2 touchdowns and been intercepted 1 pass in two games, the Giants have been 602 yards, 4 touchdowns and been intercepted only one pass in three games.

XXXI. Both teams have had four quarterbacks in its previous holdings in Super Bowl. For the Patriots have played a significant Tony Eason and Steve Grogan (XX), Drew Bledsoe (XXXI) and Tom Brady (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX and XLII). For the Giants, Phil Simms (XXI), Jeff Hostetler (XXV), Kerry Collins (XXXV) and Eli Manning (XLII).

XXXII. Tom Coughlin is one of 18 head coaches who have turned in a Super Bowl and do not know defeat. His perfect record is 1-0 with their win over New England in the edition XLII. Cease to be November 1 brand strategists 1-0.

XXXIII. The Patriots were the No. 2 offense in the league in total yards and the Giants, number 20. On four occasions, the No. 2 offense in the regular season has won the Super Bowl, the most recent edition XXIX in January 1994 with the 49ers. No offense number 20 has done, but it has happened with the attacks number 22 (2 times) and 24.

XXXIV. Deion Branch, Patriots wide receiver, could become the first quarterback element that can not be elected for the second time MVP of the Super Bowl, won the award XXXIX edition.

XXXV. In the 8 previous Super Bowls, only elements have been chosen as offensive MVP of the game (5 3 quarterbacks and wide receivers). The latter was defensive MVP of the great game was the huge Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay, in the edition XXXVII.

XXXVI. The Patriots have faced in Super Bowl, the current military equipment in the four divisions in the NFC. NORTH: Chicago (XX, as a Central Division), Green Bay (XXXI, as a Central Division). WEST: St. Louis-West (XXXIV). SOUTH: Carolina (XXXVIII). EAST: Philadelphia (XXXIX) and NY Giants (XLII and XLVI now).

XXXVII. The Giants have faced in Super Bowl, any team that plays in the AFC South Division. It was measured at the NL West rivals (Denver-XXI), East (Buffalo-New England-XXV and XLII and XLVI now) and North (Baltimore-XXV, when he was Central Division).

XXXVIII. Number 35 will be the occasion when they meet in the Super Bowl teams from the "old NFL" (before the merger in 1970) and the 8 founding teams of the former AFL (founded 1960).

XXXIX. Both Giants and Patriots look to be the team number 5 with 4 or more victories in Super Bowl to join Pittsburgh (6), Dallas (5), San Francisco (5) and Green Bay (4).

XL. If you lose, the Patriots would be the fourth team with 4 losses in Super Bowl, joining Minnesota, Buffalo and Denver. He is currently tied with 3 defeats in Dallas and Miami.

XLI. On occasion 16 in history, NBC will be responsible for transmitting the Super Bowl to the whole country in America. The most recent was in February 2009 with the Pittsburgh-Arizona match the XLIII edition.

XLII. In the 4 previous editions of the Super Bowl has broken the marks of the highest audience for a television show of all time in the U.S.: XLII (148.3 million viewers), XLIII (151.6 million), XLIV (153.4 million) and XLV (162.900, 00).

XLIII. The Giants would become only the third team to three consecutive defeats to the Patriots for Belichick and Brady. The above were the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, in both cases between 2005 and 2006 seasons. Giants defeated New England has a row in Super Bowl XLII and Week 9 of the 2011 campaign.

XLIV. Both teams enter with gusts to Super Bowl winners. The Patriots, with 10 straight wins (the last 8 regular schedule and 2 playoffs) and the Giants, with 5 wins (the last 2 regular season and 3 playoff). Interestingly, the ultimate defeat of New England was against the Giants, on November 6, 2011 (week 9).

XLV. Between the two contenders joined 10 players selected to Pro Bowl, which could not take part in the "Star." 8 of the Patriots QB Tom Brady, Wes Welker WR, TE Rob Gronkowski, Brian Walter T, G Logan Mankins, Vince Wilfork DT, Andrew Carter and Matthew Slater ST (special teams). 2 of the Giants: QB Eli Manning and Jason Pierre-Paul DE.

XLVI. The National Conference has two straight wins in the Super Bowl, the maximum achieved after 13 straight wins between editions XIX and XXXI. Giants to win, all three would be the second most wins in history to run the NFC.

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