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Sunday Night Football Betting Predictions - Patriots vs. Colts

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 14 November 2009 16:37

Sunday Night Football Betting Odds by BSN SportsThe next Sunday Night Football features a duel that, surely, will be ending next January. Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning, two of the best quarterbacks in the last 10 years in the NFL will once again faces and will be a collision in which every yard will be fought until the last second.

Colts and Patriots are tied for second place in wins in the entire NFL betting history with 109, trailing only San Francisco 49ers holding the top spot with 113. Whoever wins will come closer to the prized brand and better yet, to revenge the defeats suffered years earlier in the season and playoff clashes between these teams.

New England has managed to "dominate the horse" because it has 44 wins for only 28 defeats. However, in the final game in Week 9 of 2008, the Colts won 18-15, Tom Brady did not play.

An added time the game is whether the Pats can stop the undefeated Colts and their intention to approach the record for most consecutive wins in regular season. New England should resist extreme on the field to defend his own record, 21-0.

Both teams will present their best weapons and the game promises to be an air show where the defensive backs can not fail their coverage, no mistakes allowed. It should be noted that Indianapolis was vulnerable last week to Houston field goal shook the unbeaten when the Texans failed field goal to force extra time at the meeting.

The game will show a performance in which the ball "roll" in the air as the offensive will turn to flying circus which submitted over this campaign. Indianapolis has the best passing attack in the league, while New England is in second position with Brady throwing for over 300 yards in three consecutive games, the defensive backs will have a long night.

The quality and effectiveness are also aspects of this duel will be attractive for Colts and Patriots won five straight titles from 2003 to 07. Both want the division crown this year and it will fight with everything in the field.

As in past seasons, these teams look like favorites to reach Super Bowl Odds, but still needed to overcome obstacles and one of them is presented in Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday night.

For now, reserve intimidating statements, "I have great respect for Peyton Manning," said Brady. "I am aware of what he does."

Next Sunday will be known who won that race and thus improves their numbers who face the playoffs.

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