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Rookies Quarterbacks Dominate the NFL Week Seven

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Sunday, 23 October 2011 07:36

2011 NFL Week 7 NewsThe week seven of the NFL betting will be full of equipment to quarterbacks debuting this season, whether novice or alternate scene brought to injury. The result? This seems an unusual time in the NFL that could be complicated for some teams. Oh yeah, and this week will see the annual game in London.

The ever-fickle San Diego Chargers (4-1) have had an unusually good start, leading their division despite a low production of Philip Rivers and now face the New York Jets (3-3) who returned to winning ways Dolphins and need to continue the positive trend in a matchup that Rex Ryan was responsible for heating with controversial comments about the coach Norv Turner. Darrelle Revis is to nullify Brandon Marshall and is now measured with Vincent Jackson injured and the rest of the Jets will have to deal with the return of Antonio Gates. On the other hand, Santonio Holmes seems to have settled with the rest of the dressing, and just in time because this game is a good chance to recover from the leaders of their division, Patriots and Bills, resting this week.

One of the stories of the season, the Detroit Lions (5-1), will host the Atlanta Falcons (3-3), the team with best record in 2010, have not beaten any team with a .500 mark and desperately need a victory that returned to the athletic right direction mentally. On the side of the Lions this is the game that shows what they are made, can they recover from a difficult loss, a sad spectacle of his coach, and a companion failed change seriously ill? Whoever wins this match of the week will definitely revitalized seven.

In the era of Peyton Manning's injury, the top of the AFC South belongs almost exclusively to the Houston Texans (3-3) and Tennessee Titans (3-2) and the winner of the match between the two in Nashville will have the lead in for the division title. The teams come from diametrically opposite ways: Nobody expected much of the Titans with a coach and a new quarterback and Chris Johnson out of shape, but are in good shape and showing good football. The Texans, like so many years, came with high expectations, but key injuries to Andre Johnson and Mario Williams are starting to make Houston look like the team always capable of having big games when no one expects and looks disappointed when they have the above . These two teams do not like and that, along with the explosive offensive could make this an unforgettable game.

The NFL returns to London when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) were dosed to the Chicago Bears (3-3). London parties have been ups and downs but this has potential for the 'Bucs' in great time and the Bears comeback, the result of direct duel could be a tiebreaker in January, just remember that Tampa Bay missed the playoffs in 2010 by these factors tie. The Bears' defense will contain a lot of work for Josh Freeman, however, will not LeGarrette Blount.

The Washington Redskins (3-2) have had a good start but the level of Rex Grossman has been sufficiently volatile for the capital equipment used to when he faces John Beck Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers (1-5). The Panthers have played good football but they have only one win to show for while the Redskins have loosened over the weeks. It seems incredible, but the problems in Washington's offensive line could make the Panthers the favorite in this match.

The Dallas Cowboys (2-3) have the table set for return to winning ways, as a visiting St. Louis Rams (0-5) who have had a miserable start and, above, may not have your quarterback Sam Bradford franchise. A win here for Dallas unify a team that has had differences of opinion between Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and some players, besides putting the Cowboys in the contest bringing them back to .500. Fun fact: A.J. Feeley, Rams owner who would not play Bradford, has not won a game since December 26, 2004.

The Oakland Raiders (4-2) living a good time for the first time in nearly a decade and want to extend it when they meet the Kansas City Chiefs (2-3). Carson Palmer will not play so it will be Kyle Boller mission to extend the winning streak of consecutive division Raiders have not lost someone in your sector from November 15, 2009, when these same Chiefs lost 16-10. Kansas City has shown signs of life after an injury-plagued start and errors, but the mission to beat Oakland at home seems very affordable.

It seemed unlikely but at the end of the match between Seattle Seahawks (2-3) and Cleveland Browns (2-3), one of the teams have returned to .500. Seattle comes from their bye week after a good win over Giants and march led by Charlie Whitehurst to the 'Kennel' chaired by former coach Mike Holmgren Seahawks. If the Browns want to make that Seattle does not have its starting quarterback will have to close the game better than they have done so far.

In the new edition of Super Bowl XLII, the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) are measured at the Arizona Cardinals (1-4) who have had no rhyme or largely so far this season. The difference in brands is clear but a bit misleading: while the Steelers have won games have not been as impressive as in other years and the injuries have slowed considerably. The Cardinals have not played well but his coaches have a thorough knowledge of Pittsburgh and although the start as heavily favored Steelers, Arizona, almost in desperation mode, could have an ace up his sleeve.

Champions Green Bay Packers (6-0) will visit a Minnesota Vikings (1-5) to debut at quarterback Christian Ponder title against unbeaten in the league. In addition to the divisional morbidity, these duels had in recent years the interest in the presence of Brett Favre and, without it, the game seems almost anticlimactic, with the victim dressed Vikings: Minnesota has been the team with more offensive series of just three plays and against Packers, this may mean allowing 50 points. This match could be an offensive chair Aaron Rodgers and company.

The Miami Dolphins (0-5) and Denver Broncos (1-4) will clash in a match that could be key ... to get Andrew Luck. The most interesting stories are the return of Brandon Marshall to his former team and the ownership of Tim Tebow. Marshall was defeated in the match live on Darrelle Revis and now will face Champ Bailey, but with Matt Moore throwing passes, the receiver may suffer dramatic again. Tim Tebow will have a hearing for mid-season, not to curdle, your computer can look for Luck, who has been watching John Elway constantly.

Sunday's will close another reissue of a Super Bowl, this time XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts (0-6) and New Orleans Saints (4-2). The Colts must get motivated, especially Drew Brees, after a tough loss to the Buccaneers and the Colts look like a perfect victim. Attention must be given to pressure the quarterback that can put the Saints, as it is an area in which the Colts have suffered and will serve as a good test to measure progress.

This week rest the Buffalo Bills (4-2), Cincinnati Bengals (4-2), New England Patriots (5-1), New York Giants (4-2), Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) and San Francisco 49ers ( 5-1).

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