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Redskins vs. Buccaneers Free Betting Picks - NFL Preseason Week 4

Written by OGB   
Monday, 29 August 2011 22:22

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Redskins OddsSports Betting Online Overview

The Washington Redskins have some difficult choices to make in this last preseason game of the 2011 season. Both quarterbacks John Beck and Rex Grossman have played very well in this preseason, but head coach Mike Shanahan has not yet named a starter. There are several starting positions that still remain vacant prior to the kickoff for this game. Shanahan is using all of his preseason games to see what his team can do and determine who has earned a starting job. Considering the way in which training camp was severely shortened due to the summer lockout, using the preseason games as developmental scrimmages is probably a smart move. Shanahan has removed the elements that he does not have faith in with the trades of quarterback Donovan McNabb and defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth. Now the Redskins fans will get to see what Shanahan really has in mind to build a winner in Washington.

The bet online football fans in Tampa Bay are scratching their heads a little bit.

Head coach Raheem Morris announced prior to the start of preseason that this Tampa Bay team is better than the team he proclaimed to be the best team in the NFC last season. He may be right, but it may not show up in this season’s results. Morris has a young team that is still developing together. He has a very talented quarterback in Josh Freeman that has not shown a lot in this preseason. It could be that the Buccaneers are laying in wait for the season to start, or it could be that the Bucs are still trying to figure out how to be a winning team together.

Washington Redskins
The big price per head question in Washington is who will be the starting quarterback. If Rex Grossman does not get the job then he may be released by the Redskins. Grossman has been very public in his belief that he is the best man for the job. He could prove to be a disruption if John Beck is named the starter. But only Mike Shanahan knows who will be under center in week one for the Redskins and, as of now, he isn’t telling.

The Redskins also have some interesting battles going on for starting jobs on the defensive line, in the defensive secondary and on the offensive line. Depth chart players need to be established and Shanahan has a lot to evaluate as his team gets ready to play the final preseason game of 2011.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Backup quarterback Josh Johnson has looked good this preseason. Starting quarterback Josh Freeman has looked hesitant. The reviews of Freeman’s performances may not apply to the regular season, but they are becoming a point of concern for Tampa Bay fans. The Buccaneers are full of youth and confidence. In this game, it will be the youthful depth players that will try to fend off the Washington starters.

The Bottom Line
To use fishing games as an analogy, this game should be like shooting fish in a barrel for the Redskins. But do not count out the youthful energy of the Tampa Bay depth players. This Tampa team has not shown all of its teeth yet. But when the season starts, the Bucs will start biting.

BSN Sports Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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