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Plaxico Burress Go to Jail for 2 Years

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 22 August 2009 17:20

Plaxico Burress Go to Jail for 2 Years - BSN SportsAnother story "from glory to hell" is the one involving Plaxico Burress, a former wide receiver for the Super Bowl champion, who pleaded guilty to illegal possession of weapons and accepted a sentence of two years imprisonment.

Seek to serve a sentence of immediate.

After months of negotiations between prosecutors and defense lawyers, former player for the New York Giants agreed to go to jail for two years plus two years of supervised release following the incident last November cuandose accidentally shot in the leg when was in a bar in Manhattan with a pistol which had no permit to carry.

Burress was indicted in early August on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one more for compromising the integrity of others. It provided for a minimum sentence of three years in a trial before a grand jury.

The ruling was scheduled to start on 22 September, however, Burress, 32 years of age, could begin immediately and ask for a reduction for good behavior to try to be open in spring 2011 and have the opportunity to resume that year career in the NFL.

"This was not an intentional criminal act. In my opinion, a two-year sentence of imprisonment is a punishment too severe, "said Benjamin Brafman, lawyer for Burress. "If Plaxico Burress was not a significant individual public would never have been a case. It was only it had been John Q Public (an ordinary person) would walk out of the club and never have been arrested. "

Burress, who caught the touchdown pass in the Giants victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in February 2008, he made a statement and left the courtroom while his lawyer attended the press.

In late November 2008, Burress and teammate Antonio Pierce were in the Latin Quarter nightclub when a gun went to Burress slipped on one leg and accidentally discharged wounding him. The bullet passed close to a security guard and the weapon was recovered by the bartender of the place.

Pierce led Burress to hospital and brought the gun to Burress's home in New Jersey. The grand jury Pierce sued or the security guard nightclub that moved the gun to the car from Pierce.

The Giants Burress was discharged in April and now expected a suspension by the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has happened as of late with all the players who have had behavioral problems and trouble with the law.

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