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NFL Betting Preview for November 21, 2010: Ravens (-9) vs. Panthers

Written by Gaby Varji   
Monday, 15 November 2010 19:35

NFL Game Preview for November 21, 2010: Baltimore Ravens (-9) @ Carolina PanthersBetting Overview:

As the season progresses, NFL betting enthusiasts start to see what teams really have to offer. The fringe teams that people are not so sure about start to come up against the championship caliber teams and the NFL scores start to show whether or not the preseason NFL predictions were true. The Baltimore Ravens remain a strong contender in the AFC, but a recent loss to the NFC powerhouse Atlanta Falcons casts a shadow of doubt on the Ravens chances for going deep into the playoffs.

The Carolina Panthers knew a few things going into the 2010 season. The first thing was that they were playing for their head coach’s job. To some teams that matters and to some it doesn’t. Head coach John Fox let desperation get in the way of good coaching and now the Panthers are 1-8. The Panthers also knew that they would have to tolerate one or two developmental seasons from their rookie quarterback Jimmy Clause.

But Fox was trying to save his job, so instead of playing Clausen to develop him Fox tried to win with veteran journeyman Matt Moore. The result is that the Panthers are in shambles and have no chance of recovery this season.


Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is playing fairly well the past couple of weeks. He has not thrown an interception in two games, and his three touchdown performance against the Falcons was one of his best of the season. But Flacco and the Ravens offense do not seem to be able to bail out the defense when it is having a bad day. Untimely turnovers, bad penalties and an inability to put the ball in the endzone in critical situations are the hallmarks of this Ravens offense.

By now, rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen should have nine NFL games under his belt on his way to developing into a pro quarterback. The notion that Matt Moore was any kind of improvement over Clausen is laughable. John Fox’s biggest mistake was playing to win with a team that has no chance of winning. To keep his job he should have shown the he understands what it means to be a head coach of a struggling team. Instead he just made things worse.


The Ravens still have one of the best defenses in football but they have been victimized by the pass this season. Baltimore’s defense is ranked 14th in the NFL giving up an average of 217 yards per game in the air. They have been unable to get consistent pressure on the quarterback and, aside from safety Ed Reed, the secondary has been less that impressive this season.

The Panthers have the ability to give Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense problems all day long. Carolina’s defense is ranked fifth against the pass giving up only 195 yards per game. But if Baltimore running back Ray Rice gets the ball then the Panthers could be in trouble. Carolina’s rush defense is ranked 27th.

The Bottom Line:

The Ravens need to re-establish themselves as playoff contenders and one way to do that is to beat a weaker team. The Panthers are playing for next season but most of the players know that they will not be in Carolina next season, so the effort may not be there at all.

BSN Sports Pick: Baltimore Ravens

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