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NFL Wild Card Playoffs Betting Analysis

Written by Michael Gordon   
Sunday, 06 January 2013 06:26

NFL Wild Card Playoffs OddsNFL teams that will contest the opening round of the postseason wild cards determined to seek the title, without the fear of losing once by a week off.

Green Bay will face Minnesota while visiting Seattle Washington in the NFC. In American, Houston will face Cincinnati and Indianapolis to Baltimore.

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Recent history shows that the rest in the first week of the playoffs is not as relevant to support the ambitions of the teams. In six of the past seven seasons, one of the teams who played in the Super Bowl did not rest in the first week of the postseason. And five of those sets went on to win the NFL title.

It is therefore possible that the Green Bay Packers have not had a real disadvantage when it lost the chance to rest, losing to the Minnesota Vikings.


Something similar happened to the Houston Texans, who had a setback worse: lost privileges to rest the first week and play at home throughout the AFC playoffs because of the three defeats in their last four games.

Of course, Texans coach Gary Kubiak acknowledges that everything can change in a week in pro football. If a change occurs and stays for a month, it can take a team to the championship.

"That's life and it's part of football," Kubiak said. "How was played last week How played in recent weeks? What has been achieved lately? This is our world. Understand that, and (if) not things have gone well in recent weeks, we hope to improve ".

Nobody better than Green Bay knows how to achieve this improvement. Two years ago, the Packers barely reached the playoffs, then won three road games and eventually won the title with a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"To be honest, I would have preferred a week off," said Packers receiver Jordy Nelson. "But we put ourselves in this situation in the campaign. Was not just the last game."

"This last game brought many sequels so ... let's go out and play. Regardless, we have to win from here on out," he said.

Green Bay has the chance to redeem the Saturday night against Minnesota at Lambeau Field. If the Packers had won the Vikings on Sunday, would be sitting at home this weekend watching the Chicago Bears play on the road against the San Francisco 49ers.

Instead, they will have to go to a tundra environment and meet the king of the run Adrian Peterson, who eluded them, and rammed them ran over them for a total of 199 yards in a performance that put the Vikings in the playoffs.

The Vikings had no chance for the bye week, or were never contenders in the North Division of the National Conference. But they please stay alive, knowing that the Steelers, Colts, Packers and Giants (twice) recently toured the longer route to reach the NFL championship.

"The great thing about the playoffs is that once you're in, anything can happen," said defensive end Jared Allen. "You see that this happens all the time enrachan teams and end up winning the Super Bowl."

Some teams are streaking. The Denver Broncos have won 11 straight games and won the top position in the AFC. The Washington Redskins get a run of seven wins in Sunday's game will receive the Seattle Seahawks, who have won five straight.

As for the four teams that rest this weekend, clearly has some positive aspects to spend some time without activity. The last time Denver and Atlanta Falcons were off was Oct. 21, while San Francisco and New England were at the Nov. 4. It's a long time without rest.

"Of course I appreciate the bye week.'s The shortest route to where we want to go," said Denver linebacker Von Miller. "We definitely want to take this week off, rest and review some things we did well, some things we did wrong during the campaign."

"The purpose is simply to adjust the boat to be ready for the most important part of the season," he said.

Indeed, the bye week gives them a chance to get healthier, especially the 49ers, who are concerned about their star, defensive lineman Justin Smith, who suffered a partial tear in the left triceps.

However, there is also the danger of entumirse, as happened to Green Bay in the previous season, a situation that took the New York Giants.

The same happened to the Falcons a season before, and the Packers trounced.

The dynamic is interesting. Some coaches and players prefer to just concentrate on the game, especially when their seasons have ended favorably as the Broncos, Redskins, Seahawks and Vikings.

Other sets covet the bye week because it means we will be local in their first game of the postseason. That is no guarantee of anything: at least one week off team lost their divisional-round game in each of the seven previous postseasons.

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