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NFL Wild Card Playoff Preview: Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints (-10 ½)

Written by Matt Stevens   
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 22:38

Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints LinesSports Betting Overview
The Detroit Lions are a young and inexperienced football team. Many of the players are talented but have never played in an NFL playoff game. Many of the key players have three years or less of NFL experience. According to the price per head bookie experts, the line on this game is pretty high in favor of the Saints. But the lopsided line should not turn fans away from watching this game. The Detroit Lions played the Green Bay Packers in week 17 of the regular season. In that game, the Packers fielded a mix of veterans and third-string players on defense. Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford was able to shred the backup Green Bay defense for 520 passing yards and five touchdowns. When given the chance, Stafford can exploit a weak passing defense. The New Orleans Saints have the 30th ranked pass defense in the league.

For the sake of comparison, the mixed bag Detroit defense that played in that last game of the season gave up 480 passing yards and six touchdowns to Green Bay backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

The Lions are hard for the price per head bookmaking experts to figure out. One week the Lions play great defense, and the next week the defense gets torched. But the Detroit offense has remained pretty consistent when Stafford is under center. This game will be a shootout and the line for this game may be something that favors Detroit fans.

New Orleans Saints
The thing about the Saints is its offense. Drew Brees continues to establish himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league and has shattered Dan Marino’s all-time single-season passing record with a total of 5,476 passing yards. As long as Brees is on target, the Saints are almost unstoppable. The Lions have a good defensive front seven, but the secondary can be lapsed at times. The way to stop Brees is to get in front of him because he cannot see over the taller linemen. The problem has been finding players that can get past that New Orleans’ offensive line to block Brees’ view.

Detroit Lions
Many of the betonline experts feel that this Detroit team could develop into a legitimate Super Bowl contender over the next few years. What the team lacks right now is maturity. The persistent personal fouls and suspensions to defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh show a team that is unable to control itself in emotional situations. The playoffs are a highly emotional situation, and that is why the line on this game is so skewed towards the New Orleans Saints.

The Bottom Line
A betonline review of the Saints’ play in the past few weeks shows that New Orleans may be the only team in the NFC capable of beating the Green Bay Packers. Along the way, the most difficult test that the Saints will face could very well be this first playoff game against the Detroit Lions.

BSN Sports Free Pick: New Orleans Saints

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