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NFL Week 9 Preview: New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills (-1)

Written by Michael Gordon   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 08:01

New York Jets vs. Buffalo BillsBSN Sports blog Overview

The Buffalo Bills continue to get opponents that seem to fall right into Buffalo’s areas of strength. In week 8, the Bills took on a Washington Redskins team that is in an offensive fog right now and shut the Redskins out. It is the first time that head coach Mike Shanahan has ever been shutout in his NFL coaching career. The Bills’ seemingly non-existent pass rush rang up nine sacks in this game and made the Redskins’ offensive line look like it didn’t even bother to show up. The Bills’ offense seems to have no problems scoring points against any defense, so the fact that Buffalo put up 23 points on what is considered a good Washington defense is not a surprise.

The New York Jets have been slowly improving over its last few games. Aside from the Breeder’s Cup betting last week, the Jets’ win over the San Diego Chargers in come-back fashion made sports headlines all over the country. The Jets were able to capitalize on what looked like a San Diego team that was rapidly falling apart.

But the Jets also gained some very important confidence in that San Diego game which could take New York far this season. The pay per head Jets’ fans know that this New York Jets team does not look like the dominant team of the past couple of years. Players like quarterback Mark Sanchez and wide receiver Plaxico Burress are going to need to continue to play well if the Jets are going to have a shot at making the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills
The Washington Redskins have a very good defensive front seven, and the Buffalo Bills ran right through it. The Redskins did get to Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick from time to time, but the Bills were still able to score points. The Jets present a very different challenge for the Bills than any defense Buffalo has faced to this point. The Jets’ pass rush is extremely competent and the New York defensive secondary is one of the best in football. Anyone who picks NFL games knows that a combination like that leads to a lot of coverage sacks. The Bills will have to run the ball effectively and use quick underneath passing plays if it wants to have a chance at winning this game.

New York Jets
The Jets will utilize its potent running game against the Bills because the Buffalo defense is too opportunistic against the pass. Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez could easily get caught up in a pattern of throwing interceptions to a Buffalo secondary that bases most of its defensive success on forcing turnovers. Look for a lot of LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene in this game. The Jets may turn Burress loose for a few downfield throws, but those will be very few and far between.

The Bottom Line
NFL fans in Buffalo are excited about the success the team has had so far this year. But the last time the Bills faced a balance defense like the one in New York was when Buffalo lost 23-20 in week four against the Cincinnati Bengals. All the Jets need to do is keep the ball in the hands of its running backs and prevent Mark Sanchez from giving the game away. If the Jets can do that, then it can win this game.

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