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NFL Week 7 Preview: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

Written by OGB   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 15:03

NFL Picks Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland RaidersOnline Sportsbook Overview
It has been quite a roller coaster for the Oakland Raiders over the past two weeks. The day before the Raiders were to take on the Houston Texans in week five, team owner Al Davis passed away. The Raiders went out and racked up an emotional victory for the memory of the franchise’s only owner. In week six, the Raiders played its first home game since Al Davis’ passing and beat the Cleveland Browns 24-17. But in the process of winning the game, the Raiders lost quarterback Jason Campbell for the season. Now the Raiders have to decide if it is time to give backup quarterback Kyle Boller the start, or go off the grid and bring in David Garrard or trade for Kyle Orton.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still reeling from the loss of running back Jamaal Charles for the season. The price per head bookie crowd has also not been impressed with the Chiefs’ offensive line. It can be easy to blame Kansas City’s 2-3 record on quarterback Matt Cassel, but it is hardly Cassel’s fault.

Cassel has made bad decisions during the course of games but, for the most part, he has not had a lot of time to make those bad decisions. The bookie software numbers on the Kansas City offense show a unit that does not look like it is capable of moving the football. The numbers are slowly improving, but the Chiefs’ offensive line is going to have a lot of problems with the Oakland defense.

Oakland Raiders
Over the past few years, the Oakland Raiders have been able to assemble a very good defensive unit. Even with the loss of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, the Raiders are opportunistic in its approach to getting the other team’s offense off the field. The Raiders’ offense was also becoming a force as it has become the eighth-best team in the league at putting points on the board. But anyone who picks NFL games knows the importance of a competent quarterback. Jason Campbell looked like he had just gotten comfortable with the Raiders’ offense when he was injured. Now the Raiders need to put someone who is familiar with its system in place to keep the efficiency going. That could be Kyle Boller, who has been studying the Raiders’ system for a few years now. Whatever the Raiders do at quarterback, it needs to maintain its continuity if it wants to keep winning.

Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs are trying to prove that last year’s AFC West title was not a bet online scam. But, so far, Kansas City does not look like the same team that went to the playoffs last year. After getting blown out by the Buffalo Bills in the opening game at home, the Chiefs have gone on to accumulate a 2-3 record. The Chiefs’ offense cannot score points and the defense is having a tough time stopping big plays. The Raiders will be playing a conservative offensive game in week seven, but the Oakland front seven will be trying to dominate the line of scrimmage on defense. There may not be much that the Chiefs can do about that.

The Bottom Line
The Chiefs and Raiders look to be swapping spots in the AFC West as Oakland is climbing to the top of the division while the Chiefs are trying to stay out of the basement. The Chiefs are improving and the Raiders are without its starting quarterback. While those two factors will make the game closer, they will not swing the game to the favor of Kansas City.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

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