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NFL Week 4 Game Preview: San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Written by Matt Stevens   
Monday, 26 September 2011 22:32

NFL Week 4 Picks 49ers vs. EaglesOnline Betting Overview

When building a “Dream Team” in football, you should start at the offensive and defensive lines. The Philadelphia Eagles when out and got some high profile cornerbacks, signed up Michael Vick to a long-term contract and brought in some wide receiver help. Then the media dubbed the Eagles the “Dream Team.” Poor planning in Philadelphia is rapidly turning the dream into a nightmare as it has become incredibly obvious that the Philadelphia offensive line is incapable of keeping Michael Vick healthy for an entire season. Vick broke his non-throwing hand in an after-the-play tackle in week three against Giants. In week two, Vick suffered a concussion when he was slammed into one of his own offensive lineman who was standing around as Vick was getting pummeled. The dream is over in Philadelphia as the Eagles try to figure out how to win some games without getting their franchise quarterback killed.

The San Francisco 49ers is turning into a pleasant surprise this season. The Free NFL Picks in San Francisco are slowly turning in favor of the 49ers as the San Francisco defense is proving to be tougher than most people expected. First year head coach Jim Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback, did not enter the NFL coaching ranks with a defensive pedigree. But his defense is proving to be extremely effective while the 49ers offense still struggles. The 49ers will be fishing contests off of the schedule to see how it can finish the season at 8-8. When the season started, this game was not one the 49ers could have expected to win. In light of recent events, this game is very much up for grabs.

Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles will put a workable cast on Michael Vick’s non-throwing hand and try to get him on the field for this game. But this injury is different than a concussion. Once a concussion clears after a couple of days, a quarterback can bet back to work. It takes more than a couple of days for a broken hand to heal, and that hand affects the quarterback-center snap at the line of scrimmage. One solution is to play the entire game in the shotgun, but that gets to be too predictable after a while and makes establishing a running game difficult.

Beyond the problems at quarterback, the NFL fans in Philadelphia are not seeing the payoff for the significant investment that the team made in star players this off-season. The newly-constructed Philadelphia secondary was scorched by Eli Manning and the Giants’ injured passing game in week three, and the Eagles’ offensive line was like a revolving door against the Giants’ pass rush. There are more problems that solutions in Philadelphia right now, and that plays into the hands of the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers
For some reason, head coach Jim Harbaugh still believes he can turn Alex Smith into a successful NFL quarterback. The 49ers will need more than 13 points to beat the Eagles, and while the Philadelphia secondary is suspect, it is still dangerous to take it for granted. The 49ers are trying to establish a running game, but the offensive line is still not up to the task. If San Francisco wants to win this game, it will have to do so on defense. That is something that could very well happen.

The Bottom Line
This is one of those NFL picks that looks like people are piling on to an ailing Eagles team. But the Eagles were supposed to have all of the answers going into this season and it is obvious they do not. Michael Vick may not make it through the season and Kevin Kolb is no longer on the Philly bench. Instead of a season full of expectations, this could be a long year for Philly fans.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers

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