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NFL Week 17 Game Preview: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos (-3)

Written by Andrew Scofield   
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 19:50

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos PicksOnline Betting Overview
Ok, so the league figured out that it isn’t magic that helped Tim Tebow win all of those games. It was a series of defenses that were incapable of putting sustained pressure on the quarterback. So how does that explain the beating that the Buffalo Bills put on Tebow in week 16? The Buffalo Bills may not have the best defense in the NFL, but it is a defense that knows how to take advantage of a quarterback having a bad passing day. This is the same defense that made Michael Vick and Tom Brady look silly this season with three picks in each of those games. But the price per head experts were not expecting the massacre that took place in week 16. After analyzing the 40-14 beating the Broncos took at the hands of the Bills, it is pretty obvious that the league has figured Tim Tebow out. Now the Broncos will get to see how Tebow responds to real pressure as Denver needs to win this game to win the AFC West.

The Kansas City Chiefs actually have a pretty good defense as has been on display since head coach Todd Haley was fired.

Romeo Crennel is putting together a pretty good case for taking on the full-time head coaching job with a win over the Green Bay Packers and an overtime loss to the Raiders. But the price per head bookmaking experts are not quite ready to hand this game to the Chiefs just yet. The Broncos had shown shades of a great defense in that seven-game run it had earlier in the season. If that defense comes back to play in week 17, then that could make this a very low-scoring game. A low-scoring game could play right into the hands of the Denver running game. But then there’s the homecoming for quarterback Kyle Orton, who lost his job in Denver to Tebow earlier this season. That storyline could be more interesting that the AFC East title being on the line.

Denver Broncos
Tim Tebow has finally been figured out by opposing defenses. You know that a quarterback has been figured out when that quarterback has serious problems against the Buffalo Bills. But the Bills know how to make an errant quarterback pay and Tim Tebow is not an accurate passer. A betting sports news review of his stats for the Buffalo game show Tebow going 13 for 30 for 185 passing yards, one passing touchdown and four interceptions. Tebow didn’t do much of anything different in this game, the Bills were just in the right places to make him pay. The Chiefs’ defense plays much the same game which should open up the Broncos’ running game. But even Tebow running the ball had problems in Buffalo.

Kansas City Chiefs
Kyle Orton is a much better passer than Tim Tebow, but Orton does not have a lot of quality targets in Kansas City. The key to this game for the Chiefs will be neutralizing the Broncos’ offense and scoring on every drive. Tebow can still sneak up on a team if that team is not ready. But this Chiefs team has been ready for anything lately, and that includes Tim Tebow.

The Bottom Line
If the Chiefs beat the Broncos in week 17 then it will be difficult for the NFL front office in Kansas City to deny Romeo Crennel the full-time coaching job. But Crennel has to win this game first. He has the tools at his disposal. It is just a matter of working around the magic.

BSN Sports Free Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

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