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NFL Week 15 Preview: Baltimore Ravens (-1 ½) vs. San Diego Chargers

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 20:51

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Diego Chargers LinesNFL Betting Lines Overview
If the San Diego Chargers want to make the playoffs, then it will need to win all three of its remaining games. The only real chance the Chargers have at a playoff spot is to win the AFC West or hope the bottom falls out on wild contenders on teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chargers had a relatively easy time with the Buffalo Bills in week 14, but now a real challenge arrives in the form of the AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens. According to the price per head sports experts, the Ravens continue to hold on to first place in the AFC North by virtue of its two wins over the second place Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens possess one of the best defenses in all of football, and that is going to be one of the deciding factors in this game.

The San Diego Chargers are 6-7 while the AFC West-leading Denver Broncos are 8-5. With the magic of Tim Tebow driving the Broncos, it is difficult to tell how Denver will finish the season. It is possible that 9-7 could be the record that wins the AFC West.

But the BSN Sports experts are quick to point out that even though the Broncos and Chargers have split the season series, the Broncos have a better divisional record. If the Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs, then Denver wins the division. But that is not stopping the Chargers from being optimistic.

Baltimore Ravens
The Baltimore Ravens are a team built on defense. When the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000, it was done by a capable offense and a dominating defense. The offense that the Ravens have now is much more prolific than the Super Bowl winning offense of a decade ago. This could be the last season that defensive superstars linebacker Ray Lewis and safety Ed Reed will have a chance to win a Super Bowl. The defense is there to pick up the offense when it needs it and the offense is also putting together some impressive numbers to pick up the defense when it needs it. This is a well-balanced Ravens team that has to be considered a Super Bowl contender.

San Diego Chargers
A 5 dimes review of the past few Chargers’ seasons show a pattern developing. The Chargers start off slow and then pick up the pace as the season draws to a close. But San Diego is waiting longer and longer to start winning and last year the Chargers missed the playoffs. San Diego has not put itself in a good position as it needs to beat the favored Ravens in order to stay in the playoff hunt. The one thing that San Diego has going for it in this game is that it is being played in San Diego and not Baltimore.

The Bottom Line
The NFL scores in Ravens’ games have been unpredictable this season. The offense either dominates the score board or the defense shuts the opposition down completely and the offense scores minimal points. The Chargers make just enough mistakes in the course of a game to give this game away. Defensive pressure and San Diego mistakes on offense is what will lose this game for the Chargers.

NFL Betting Picks : Baltimore Ravens

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