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NFL Week 8 Betting Odds & Analysis

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 31 October 2009 16:06

NFL Week 8 Betting OddsWe will be enjoying this Sunday the eighth week of the NFL betting season, which will be played several games interesting, but as is obvious the focus will be on the visit that Brett Favre will make his former team Green Bay Packers in the Historic 'Lambeau Field.

Before discussing this and other games amply worth noting that also will appeal the duel in which the Dallas Cowboys (4-2), playing in their stadium, they must beat the Seattle Seahawks (2-4), for which the team of "Lone Star" requires a strong performance from Tony Romo, who has completed 117 of 194 passes for 1.652 yards has thrown nine touchdown shipments and four interceptions.

It will also appeal divisional duel between New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, remember that this season the first game between the two (Monday, 12 October) as the Dolphins won 31-27 thanks to Ronnie Brown earned two endorsements including decisive when missing six seconds left.

Speaking of quarterbacks for the Jets is the mexico-American Mark Sanchez, who during his rookie season records ninety-four completions of 178 attempts for 1.178 yards with six touchdown shipments and ten interceptions. While on the Dolphins, Chad Henne sixty-two complete records of 103 attempts for 659 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Moreover, consider that this time will not play Sunday night under actual conduct of Baseball World Series.

Minnesota Vikings (6-1)Vs. Green Bay Packers (4-2) currently have the Packers listed as 3-point favorites versus the Vikings, while the game's total is sitting at 47.

Party intense emotions not only by the great rivalry, but also the importance that will have to define the division champion in the NFC North. Brett Favre will be back at Lambeau Field, but for the first time the visiting team player.

Brett Favre, as the campaign has passed, recorded 157 completions of 229 attempts for 1.681-yard touchdown with twelve items and only three interceptions. Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback, has completed 121 attempts for 184 yards with eleven 1.702 touchdown passes and only two interceptions.

Importantly, playing at Lambeau Field, Favre there are 209 touchdown passes and has thrown passes for 27.784 yards eighty-nine achieving victories, all when he was part of the Packers.

In the first showdown between two of the season (Monday night 5 October) by the Vikings won 30-23 thanks to Brett Favre, in his first game against the Packers completed twenty-four of thirty-one passes for 271 yards with three shipments of annotation (from one yard to Visanthe Shiancoe, fourteen yards to Sidney Rice and thirty-one yards to Bernard Berrian).

Due to this result if successful return to Minnesota for when closing the regular season would have an advantage in the tiebreaker, in case you end up with the same won-lost record.

Both are proving very strong offensive, the Packers are averaging 376.3 yards per game and the Vikings recorded an average 353.6 yards per game.

Green Bay's defense has allowed only 585 yards per run, averaging 97.5 per game, these statistics will be tested when they return to face the Vikings Adrian Peterson, who accumulated 687 yards and five touchdowns on 138 carries. That is, is averaging five yards per play.

The Vikings are in thirteenth place in the NFL vigorously within the red zone. Of the twenty-eight times that have come into the yard twenty of his rivals have achieved in twenty points. This product accumulate 133 units of sixteen touchdowns and seven field goals. In this respect the Packers have been far less convincing as they have recorded points in only sixteen of the twenty times that have been inside the yard twenty of his opponents, only accounted eighty-three points and have scored nine touchdowns and seven field goals.

Something tremendously important is that the Packers are the second best team in the entire NFL in terms of differential fumbles and recovered, recording more than ten. The Vikings have more than seven and are fifth in the league tied with the Denver Broncos.

Green Bay's defense has taken the ball to their opponents in fifteen times (eleven interceptions and four fumble recoveries). Their offense has only suffered two interceptions and had three turnovers.

Catching passes the best player on the Packers, so far the campaign has been Donald Driver, who recorded twenty-seven receptions for 479 yards and three touchdowns. For the Vikings, Sidney Rice figure with thirty-three catches for 545 yards and two touchdowns. Consider that Rice has managed to capture at least one touchdown pass in each of the four games he has faced the Green Bay. Surely that Rice will try to be no exception.

Of the ninety-six regular season games between these teams, the Packers have the edge with forty and forty nine wins and six losses, while other game finished tied. Even the Green Bay has won nine of the last twelve.

Denver Broncos (6-0)Vs. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) currently have the Ravens listed as 3.5 -point favorites versus the Broncos, while the game's total is sitting at 41.5.

Candente duel in which the Denver Broncos try to remain unbeaten, for which we need very good performance from quarterback Kyle Orton, who completed 124 records of 194 attempts for 1.465 yards with nine touchdown shipments and an interception.

If they win the Denver would be placed with a 7-0 record. The last time a campaign was started and in 1998 they came to be at least thirteen consecutive wins before suffering their only two defeats of the campaign, although in the final game scored their fourteenth victory.

This season, the Ravens have the defensive number nineteen of the entire NFL and are allowing an average 332.7 yards per game (91.2 yards per carry and 241.5 yards passing per game).

The Ravens face the Broncos' offense (ninth-best), which has 2.212 yards of total offense, are averaging 132.7 yards rushing and 236.0 per pass.

Baltimore's offense is averaging 28.2 points scored per game, quarterback Joe Flacco has completed 145 of its 225 items for 1.674 yards with eleven touchdowns and five interceptions.

For those of Baltimore is especially dangerous runner Ray Rice, who has managed 441 yards and three touchdowns in seventy-three carries, but has also had good performance catching passes in total thirty-three for 325 yards and a touchdown.

In the Broncos' running game is highlighting the rookie Knowshon Moreno (who graduated from the University of Georgia), who has managed 381 yards and a touchdown in ninety-nine carries, averaged 3.8 yards per play.

The Ravens' defense will have to be very attentive to every movement of receiver Brandon Marshall, who records twenty-nine catches for 332 yards and four touchdowns.

The rest had their Denver last week and recorded record of fifteen wins and five losses in matches that go back to work after taking week recess.

Consider that Kyle Orton is the best quarterback in the NFL in terms of percentage of pass completions in the fourth quarter of games, because in those last fifteen minutes, their statistics show 69% of completions. That is, twenty-nine of forty-two attempts for 511 yards with four touchdown shipping and no interceptions. Joe Flacco is in fourth place with a percentage of 65.1, since it has completed forty-one of sixty-three shipments during the fourth quarter for 634 yards with six touchdowns and two interceptions.

The record of regular season games between the Ravens and Broncos indicates three wins for each team. This Sunday will mark the seventh time they face, the Denver have won the two most recent.

New York Giants (5-2)Vs. Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) currently have the Giants listed as 1-point favorites versus the Eagles, while the game's total is sitting at 44.5.

What more could you want? Intense divisional duel between two hot offensive, the Giants of New York is averaging 391.3 yards and the Eagles have averaged 336.7 yards per game.

There is no doubt the potential of both quarterbacks. Eli Manning of the Giants, 120 complete records of 203 attempts for 1.633 yards with twelve shipments run and six interceptions. While Donovan McNabb, even though it was inactive for two games through injury, has full sixty-three of 110 attempts for 768 yards with six touchdowns and one interception ".

Defensively, the difference is more noticeable. The Giants are the best in the league allowing only averaged 262 yards per game, while Philadelphia averaged 287.0 yards allowed per game.

As tens first and made the difference is very noticeable on both teams, the Giants have managed 144 (Seventy-nine passes, fifty-one and fourteen races through punishment of their rivals). Philadelphia's first and only recorded 102 tens, Sixty-two passes Thirty-four per runs and six penalties to benefit from their opponents.

While Eli Manning coming off a disastrous performance against the Arizona Cardinals, suffering three interceptions, consider that as owner has had four straight wins in games where you visit the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the Giants' running attack is a leader Brandon Jacobs, who accumulated 464 yards and two touchdowns in 120 games, averaging 3.9 yards per carry. Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are the only pair of runners on the same team that has exceeded 450 yards, according to Bradshaw recorded 455 yards and three touchdowns in eighty carries. For the Eagles rookie LeSean McCoy has managed 212 yards and a touchdown in fifty-nine carries.

Of the total of 148 regular-season clashes between these teams, the Giants are ahead with seventy and sixty nine wins and seven defeats in two games while others have been tied.

San Francisco 49ers (3-3)Vs. Indianapolis Colts (6-0) currently have the Colts listed as 13-point favorites versus the 49ers, while the game's total is sitting at 44.5.

Apparently the Indianapolis Colts without problem must register their fifth win of the season as they have a much tougher offensive, which is averaging 402.5 yards per game. Attack of the 49's achieved an average 272.0 yards per game.

The effectiveness of quarterbacks is another area in which the Colts have a huge advantage. In this season Peyton Manning has completed 156 passes of 215 attempts for 1,880 yards and fifteen items of annotation and only four interceptions. While Alex Smith has only played the game last week that the 49e 'lost by 21-24 at Houston Texans, only took fifteen full of twenty attempts for 206 yards with three touchdowns and one interception.

On the ground offensive, the best by the Colts Joseph Addai has been accumulating 274 yards and four touchdowns in eighty-two moves. While Frank Gore (49's) has 273 yards and three touchdowns in fifty-two carries.

Another interesting statistic is that the offensive in Indianapolis recorded the first 128 and tens, which nineties have been achieved by passing, thirty eight runs and punishment because of his rivals. The 49ers just went eighty-five and tens, passing fifty, twenty and ten rushing attack by due punishment of their rivals.

Defensively, the Colts have allowed only seventy-seven points to their rivals. While the San Francisco have allowed 122 points of their opponents.

In regard to Alex Smith, have been designated quarterback of the 49ers for this game could be the start of his last chance to correct a disappointing career as only completed 450 of his 822 passes for 4.885 yards and twenty-two items of notation and thirty-two interceptions in thirty-three regular season games

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