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NFL Week 5 Betting Preview

Written by Matt Stevens   
Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:43

NFL Betting SeasonFifth week of the NFL betting coming up with hope for the teams that are more defeats than victories . Since 1990, when the 12 teams in the playoffs was established, 22 teams made ​​it to the playoffs after starting the season with 1-3 and only one (the San Diego Chargers, 1992) was the postseason after starting 0-4 the regular season. That is, do not give up Pittsburgh Steelers , New York Giants , Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars !

Of 0-4 teams, two rejoice in this round: Steelers and Bucs. Besides the two franchises, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings rest? also am . Packers and Panthers return d by the week and .
Week 5 begins with Thursday Night Football between Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns , in Cleveland. Both teams come in surprising season and are two wins and two losses in 2013.

On Sunday, five unbeaten teams take the field and win the five, will be the first time in NFL history that five teams came in undefeated week 6. Of the five, four enter the field at 14h and all away from home.


In Cincinnati, the New England Patriots defends his unbeaten record against the Cincinnati Bengals , who lost in the last round. The team Foxboro still do not know if you can count on Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola .

After the victory on Monday Night Football, the New Orleans Saints will face the strong defense of the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Challenge for Brees and the CIA, which still have to hold the Bears good attack, since Cutler is on a good day.

At Lucas Oil Stadium, the Seattle Seahawks have complicated mission against the Indianapolis Colts , while the Kansas City Chiefs also play against an opponent from the AFC South : defends against the unbeaten Tennessee Titans .

In the remainder of the game 14h, especially Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions - classic NFC North , Detroit, and Philadelphia Eagles against New York Giants , two franchises in the NFC East crisis.

In games of 17h, the Denver Broncos face the Dallas Cowboys at AT & T Stadium, to remain undefeated. It is a golden chance to shine star Tony Romo and finally put the Cowboys up.


On Sunday Night Football , the Houston Texans goes to the West Coast to face the San Francisco 49ers . Third in their division, the team needs to win the Texan galley Kaepernick at Candlestick Park.

And do not stop there Sunday ... In "Sunday Football Madrugada" , San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders play in Oakland . The match will start at 00h35 minutes Sunday. The reason is a game of the MLB postseason, which was scheduled for Saturday. To allow time to adjust the pitch of a baseball game to football, playing at dawn Brazilian!

And closing work on Monday Night Footbal , the Atlanta Falcons , who have won only one match in the season, gets the New York Jets .

Check the dates, schedules and broadcasts the games of week 5 of the NFL:

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns - 21.30 (Transfer of ESPN and Sports Interactive)

Sunday, October 6, 2013
New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears - 14h
New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals - 14h
Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers - 14h
Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts - 14h (Transmission ESPN)
Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins - 14h
Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants - 14h
Jacksonville Jaguars @ St. Louis Rams - 14h
Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans - 14h
Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals - 17h05
Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys - 17h25 (Transmission ESPN )
Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers - 21.30 (Transfer of ESPN and Sports Interactive)
San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders - 00h35

Monday, October 7, 2013
New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons - 21.40 (Transfer of ESPN)

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