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NFL Week 11 Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns (-1)

Written by Michael Gordon   
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 07:13

2011 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns LinesSports Betting Overview
Things have been tough for the Cleveland Browns this season. Injuries have plagued the team and not allowed for any offensive consistency. In week 10, the Browns showed the effects of offensive inconsistencies by losing to the St. Louis Rams 13-12 in a home game that Cleveland should have won. Team president Mike Holmgren is trying to put his own stamp on this Cleveland team, but things do not seem to be getting any better in Cleveland. The Browns are 3-6 overall and 2-4 in the conference. The AFC looks to be very competitive this season and it is unlikely that a team with less than a 10-6 record will qualify for a playoff spot. The frustrating thing for Browns fans is that the Cleveland Browns do not look like it is getting any closer to securing a playoff spot this year or any season in the foreseeable future. But a lot can happen in the off-season, which is what the Browns look to be playing for.

The Jacksonville Jaguars might as well start saying goodbye to head coach Jack Del Rio now and make things easier when he is fired at the end of the regular season.

The pay head Jaguars fans have watched the Jaguars tumble from being a playoff contender to being in the basement of the AFC. In Del Rio’s defense, he has not been given a lot of quality players to work with this season. But it has been several consecutive years of futility for the Jaguars that will end with the firing of Del Rio. Jacksonville will want to make sure it gives its new head coach a decent team to work with or the Jaguars could wind up being a coaching carousel for a few years.

Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland offensive numbers being generated by the bookie software show that the Browns have the right quarterback. Cleveland just needs to avoid prolonged injuries in the running game. Starting running back Peyton Hillis has only been able to start four of the Browns’ nine games this season. He has missed five games due to injury. In Hillis’ absence, the Browns have relied on quarterback Colt McCoy to generate offense, and McCoy has responded. McCoy has 1,982 passing yards, 10 touchdowns and six interceptions in nine games played. The Browns are just unable to capitalize on the good work that McCoy is doing.

Jacksonville Jaguars
A 5 dimes review of the job done by Jacksonville rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert shows a young player that is doing the best he can with what he has been given. Injuries and a lack of roster depth forced Del Rio to start Gabbert, and now the head coach is just going to stick with the rookie for the rest of the season. But Gabbert has no one to throw to. Running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been doing his job at relieving pressure on the passing game by generating 854 rushing yards and four touchdowns. But, once again, Del Rio and his team are limited by a roster that has no quality receivers and a rookie quarterback with a completion percentage of less than 50 percent.

The Bottom Line
The Browns may be a few years away from being a playoff team, but the parts are there. Both of these NFL teams have very good defenses. But each offense leaves something to be desired. This will be a low-scoring battle, and the Browns have not shown an ability to pull out a win in low-scoring games.

BSN Sports Free Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

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