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NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Analysis

Written by Charlie Jimenez   
Saturday, 01 February 2014 17:17
Super Bowl XLVIII bettingIn the 47 editions of the Super Bowl, only five times has been this duel between the most painted in the two main phases of the game.

The statistics support the adage , as in four of the five games the defense has prevailed and won the title.

The exception was in 1990. As will happen on Sunday , the offense was led by one of the best quarterbacks of all time Joe Montana.

The 49ers trounced the Broncos 55-10 . In that game Montana had one of his most memorable performances to throw five touchdown passes and completed 22 of 29 passes he attempted.

If Denver wants to emulate 49ers 90 , much will depend on the performance of his star quarterback .

In his second year with the Denver Broncos , Peyton Manning leads the best offense in the NFL. The Broncos averaged as many total yards , passing yards and points in the regular season, three of the four major offensive indicators.

Former Colts set a record by throwing 55 touchdown passes in a season. Another brand that collected Denver in 2013 was the most points . It is the first time that a team in the regular season scores 606 points in 16 games this season .

Meanwhile, the Seahawks are the fewest passing yards , total yards and points allowed in the campaign.

So this Sunday sure to be very comfortable to have on hand and what will take and eat, because when Denver Seattle attack and defend is not worth even blink at the Super Bowl.

"I'm just studying , but from what little I've seen so far , I doubt it is an excellent defense "

Peyton Manning

QB Broncos

" As a defense will certainly have an immense respect for Peyton Manning, but we 'll never be afraid "

Richard Sherman

Seattle cornerback
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